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People who lived during the Depression were resourceful. She hand raised runt pigs on her family farm near Truman to cover her tuition of $125 a year at Mankato Commercial College.

"For a lot of people the first day of the month was moving day," said Jo Willette, describing sheriff's sales. Desperate farmers with pitchforks gathered on the Faribault County Courthouse steps in Blue Earth trying to block foreclosures.

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"There were no jobs," repeated Ike Enderson, a 102 year old resident of Blue Earth, describing the year he graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield. "Any job was a good job."

the bad times hit. Marcella Terhurne, who grew up on a farm near Minnesota Lake and now lives in Easton, gave this simple explanation: "We didn't have anything to lose, we didn't have anything to gain."

on a farm, so all we needed was flour and sugar," Birk said. "We raised everything else. Mother took eggs to town to exchange for the few groceries we needed."

Knudsen and Birk remember their parents trading when money was scarce. "My dad was a blacksmith. The farmers didn't have money to pay him," Knudsen said. "Sometimes we would get meat or chickens as payment."

Perry Weir, a local cattle buyer, sold a cow and received a check for 75 cents. Earl Kiehm told Willette another farmer owed $1.68 after shipping charges were deducted.

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Elizabeth Andrews' father went to town to sell the wool he had sheared from his sheep. He intended to bring home groceries, but had only enough money to buy hog cholera vaccine.

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After leaving the farm, Knudsen enlisted in the Civilian Conservation Corps. "I spent two years planting trees and fighting forest fires."

"There were lots of foreclosed farms," Florine said. "You were lucky if youdidn't lose your farm."

Knudsen became one of thousands of hobos, riding trains from one town to another looking for work. "I rode the rails all the way to Seattle."

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Her father, "a proud Irishman," managed a New York hotel. Unaware of the approaching crisis, her family spent the summer of 1929, when she was 7, vacationing in Pennsylvania.

Raising their own food kept farm families from going hungry, but most farmers were just eking out a living even before Air Max 2017 Rose

Gypsies traveled through Minnesota to trade items, Willette said. Many people, she said, worried the gypsies would steal their horses. One crafty farmer near Delavan posted a sign declaring "smallpox" on the site where the gypsies often drew well water to discourage them from camping there.

With her father jobless, Burton said, "My parents had to figure out some way to make money." Her Nike Air Max White With Grey

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"We lived Nike Air Max 2016 Archives

"Times were really tough," said Elmer Knudsen, 95, owner of Elmer's SuperValu in Blue Earth for 23 years. "There were days mother wondered how she was going to serve the next meal."

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family moved into an apartment, renting rooms to four boarders.

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"They had the best rooms," she recalled. "I slept on a folding bed in the dining room."

Although his boss promised a job would be waiting for him, Burton's father couldn't even find the man when he returned in the fall. His boss had lost all his money and real estate everything in the crash.

Florine is thankful a fellow church member, Ernst Wollschlager, lent her father $3,000 in 1932 to save the family's farm.

As a student, Florine worked for a North Mankato family in exchange for room and board. After graduating, Florine returned to Truman. Employed by a lawyer, she was paid $5 a week.

Seniors remember putting cardboard in their shoes when the soles wore through. Everything was repaired or saved.

In a centennial play script written more than 30 years ago, Willette described the Depression based on 2016 Air Max Colors interviews with Delavan area residents, most now deceased.

Depression crop prices fell roughly 60 percent. Many farmers burned their corn for fuel rather than sell it for a few cents a bushel.

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Southern Minnesotans those 80 and 90 something acknowledge today's tough economy but describe their childhoods during the Great Depression as "harder."

dollar, rising retail prices, increasing unemployment, failing businesses, bailouts and foreclosures.

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2016 Air Max Colors

Depression survivors recall tough times

Leona Birk, 90, remembers a man who showed up on their farm northeast of Blue Earth asking for work. Her mother fixed the starving worker breakfast. After shocking oats all day, her father paid him one dollar. "He was tickled pink," Birk said.

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