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But if you not in Houston city limits, it would either be the city if you in an incorporated area or the county if you not that would control zoning. I start there and see if there is a planning and zoning restriction.

We thought of this before, but the land we live on is restricted to single family use. I not sure why or where deed restrictions come from because we not in the city limits or in a subdivision.

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So I was thinking, I live on a 3 1/3 acre piece of land (in a mobile), but we don even use at least 2 of our acres. We could set up 10 spaces for a lot less than 85,000, I pretty sure. We would rather do RV spaces than M/H spaces.

You say "near Houston" for your location. Houston famous (some would say infamous) for lack of zoning. HOAs, OTOH, are very strong. So, you could indeed be dealing with deed restrictions rather than zoning.

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If you violate zoning regulations, you are likely to be sued. Especially if 2017 Air Max On Feet you do something any of your neighbors or someone at the city/county doesn like.

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were stunned to see the condition of the place. There were 8 burned down MHs there (the agent had told me they would be). The agent said the owner was in the process of hauling them off. But still, the sight was horrendous.

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The spaces were crammed in there very tightly. I guess that why they all burned down.

originally part of A 10 acre piece. We have 2 neighbors that bought part of the piece in the front by the road. But we very secluded and we have an 800 feet driveway you have to go down to get to our place, so it tempting to do it anyway. Next door is a rodeo. But could we be sued for that?

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Deed restrictions and mobile home parks

I wanted to ask if there is any way to have a deed restriction changed? I guessing that there isn reason I asking is that I would like to own an RV park or possibly a mobile home park. My sister and her husband have wanted to own an RV park for several years, too.

Today my siser I went to look at a MH park for sale. It 10 spaces on one acre for $85,000 (just reduced for $99,000). To me that sounded like too many spaces for one acre.

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in the county there. If you violate zoning regs, your neighbors might sue you, but what is more likely is that you be in court and fined! I think you be better of doing a little truck farming on that 3 acres than trying to go a MH route. It likely too that your property is too small to divide, if you don have sewer. If you do divide it you be putting in an all weather hard surface road, drainage and water retention areas, when you done with that, the cost of your lots would be at a premium and it would take a high dollar home to justify the price of the lot.

Hi again, Another thought too, you said 3 1/2 acres, I really doubt you can put in a septic system for MHs on that small of tract. In fact, I bet real money that you can Another problem is water if you are not on a public/private water system. Most states have limitations on providing water to residential units, more than four or charging for the water can put you in the utility business, a place you don want to go! I don think you need to worry about a home owner association Air Max 2017 Pink And Black

What Bill saying is that mobile home parts, along with mini storage and strip clubs, are often at the very bottom of people lists in terms of desirable land uses. If its not permitted under current zoning, and this is a zoned area, I start by talking to one of the planners at the city or county. Tell them what you would like to do and see if a zoning change is possible. If it really is controlled by a Houston HOA and their deed restrictions, and its disallowed, I not even try.

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The good thing about the place was that it has the water and sewer already with individual meters.

Thanks for any help.

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