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"That is a significant problem for the trial process," said Stern.

Debate over computer monitors stalls Pitt Meadows rave trial

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A lawyer for a young man, accused of posting pornographic photographs taken during a rave in Pitt Meadows on Facebook, called for a mistrial on Thursday over a debate about computer monitors.

Dennis John Allen Warrington was charged with possessing and distributing child porn after he uploaded images on Facebook of Colton McMorris and a 16 year old girl engaged in sexual activity, which did not include 2017 Air Max White intercourse.

The court eventually agreed to set up a monitor to see whether it would, in fact, display a better quality image.

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monitors would display a clearer image that would help both police and the victim identify certain features in the photos.

a complaint with police.

Van Tongeren Harvey told Judge Shehni Dossa the new Nike Air Max 2016 Cool Grey

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"It's not one that can't be remedied by recalling witnesses to take another look."

Van Tongeren Harvey characterized Stern's call for a "mistrial" as a "quantum leap."

"Let's bring these monitors in here and let Mr. Stern have a look at them and see if there's is such a discernible difference that there has been prejudice to his client," said van Tongeren Harvey.

"When my friend indicates that you are going to see different things because of the nature of the equipment, that's a point this court cannot get over."

He also noted that several witnesses had already given evidence during the trial and identified photographs using the monitors already in place. They include the teen who took the photographs, McMorris and several friends of the Air Max 2016 Orange And Black

Marvin Stern made the request after Crown prosecutor Wendy van Tongeren Harvey asked the judge to allow her to set up larger monitors, that are used by Ridge Meadows RCMP, in court.

Crown believed the larger monitors would display the best image possible and help the young victim to identify herself in the photographs. The victim viewed the photographs on same large monitors when she filed Nike Air Max 2016 Boys

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The computer monitors already set up in the Port Coquitlam court room are between 15 inches and 17 inches.

"Bigger is not necessarily better," argued Stern, adding that the application was being made at Day 8 of a trial.


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