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Dicing with death in my cupboards

After all, it's not the sort of thing that's on your mind for long, is it? I wonder whether they've eaten that jar of prunes?

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Air Max 2016 Black On Black

"Good heavens. This tin has been in the Nike Air Max Womens Khaki

Air Max 2016 Black On Black

And you don't have to wait that long.

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These were prunes in wine which my brother in law had brought us back from France some time before April 24, 2000. I know because that's the best before date on the lid.

"No it hasn't," she said. "It must have come from my mother's when we cleared out her flat after she died."

I looked at the sell by date and saw it said 1998.

If anything, like a rare vintage, it's going to improve.

And it tasted good. Luckily it was teatime so we heated it up and had it for afters.

had evaporated so we needed to act quickly.

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So a veteran tin of Ambrosia was not going to be a problem. All the same, I opened it gingerly and peered carefully under the lid.

They were behind the jar of red cabbage which even I couldn't eat. It had been there so long the cabbage was no longer red and about to dissolve.

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They looked all right. Some of the wine Womens Nike Air Max Running Shoes

Do you really think that bottle of Hendo's in your cupboard is suddenly going to become toxic after 2011?

kitchen for 10 years," I told my wife.

Since then my shelves have had a good going over. Searches have revealed rather too many ancient tins of kidney beans (don't ask me why) and a jar of prunes.

Writing this, a colleague tells me her mother gave her a tin of ham when she married and she didn't find it again until she got divorced.

They tasted yummy and there were no after effects. Well, none out of Nike Air Max 2016 Women White

Air Max 2016 Black On Black

You've got to draw the line somewhere.

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the ordinary because you know what happens in the tummy department after you eat prunes.

Now you never know what you might find when you're furtling for chutney but I'd never have guessed it would be Ambrosia rice pudding. Now I like rice pud but it is not the kind of thing I buy a lot off.

Air Max 2016 Black On Black

Air Max 2016 Black On Black

I'd half a mind to ring him up and say 'Guess what we've just eaten' but I doubt whether he would even have remembered.

It looked all right. Air Max 2016 Black On Black No fetid, green, hellish looking radioactive brew but a little yellow where the cream had separated out . One quick stir and it looked normal.

I have never been a nervous nibbler worried by best before or sell by dates you can guess that from the cheese.

Air Max 2016 Black On Black

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