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Good job on finding a system that works for you, David. We can dwell on the could have/should have too long.

is knowingthat the person I'm talking to doesn't know me. He just sees the suit and has his own (wrong) conclusions already. If he doesn't listen, how can I help him? I just shake the experience off, and move on to the next person. I also think to myself, I don't know this person, and he probably has had a real bad day/week, and was taking it out on me. I'll treat him with kindness, and move on. I would keep mailing them if they have a property that fits your investment strategy. The same way the owner may sell to you one day, peoples lives and circumstanceschange. They may not be selling today , but some day they will or their family will." I hope I remembered that correctly Aaron. LOL. I have even had people call after the third mail piece because they misplaced the others and wanters to get in touch with me to sell.

threats to sue, profanity, accusations of cowardice etc. 8 of the 11 messages from the mailing were angry. As a result I found that it really pulled me down and gave me a lot of anxiety, to the point that I procrastinated listening to massages over the past month (not a good business practice). I've heard guests on the podcast say they deal with this by saving them in a special file and that they choose to find them as humorous basically laughing at the peoples ignorance. I can understand that, it kind of makes sense, the people are really ridiculous, right? However this method didn't help my anxiety or procrastination, it actually made it worse.

Air Max 2016 Black Price

Air Max 2016 Black Price

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Oh, and I'm never mailing that particular postcard again!

What I wanted to share with you all was how I worked through it using a counseling technique called 'reversing limiting beliefs'. I won't get into the process Air Max 2016 Black Price but the end result is what is works for me: before I listen to a message I developed an affirmation directed to the prospect who's message I'm about to hear. I say "If you're angry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I realize that your anger and hurt is probably about past experiences or current situations and not about my mailing. I'm really sorry for what you're going through/went through. I forgive you in advance for taking it out on me."

Different Way of Handling Angry Voice Mails

By the way, it i snot agains the law to send a mail piece.

Air Max 2016 Black Price

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What works for me in most situations, Cheap Nike Air Max 2017

Air Max 2016 Black Price

Hope this helps ya.

If you don't mind me asking, what did you put on that card?

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Air Max 2016 Black Price

Air Max 2016 Black Price

Air Max 2016 Black Price

Air Max 2016 Black Price

The short version I actually say is "I'm really sorry about what happened to you. I forgive you for taking it out on me." Then I feel mentally ready to process messages.

I recently sent out a postcard that elicited some very angry responses; people obviously quite upset, 3 2017 Air Max Mens

Air Max 2016 Black Price

Air Max 2016 Black Price

Air Max 2016 Black Price

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