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Excellent post. I would caution most newbies (and I semi consider myself in that category) NOT to go out and spend $1000 of dollars on courses, only because you can go to your local REIA and find someone there who will likely let you birddog or even JV with them on profit (If you worthwhile) and it like a free education.

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

You be amazed on how much money you could make if you actually did what you preached instead of focusing on selling some outdated material for X amount of dollars.

I couldn agree more with your post. I like to additionally point out that real estate is a PROFESSION. It is not something that a guru book or software can teach you in one night. You cannot buy a "Mechanical Engeering Guru Book" and suddenly get hired by an engineering firm. Or a "Doctor Guru" book and suddenly become a doctor. Real Estate is no different, and in some case more complicated. Because you are not just buying proprety, you are running a business. Your success is ulitimately determined by you, not corporate management or shareholders.

They breaking new(er) laws, causing new(er) laws to be written and are the very reason why a lot of negative media coverage happens. Consider that. Consider when you tell people one thing that could potentially be extremely harmful to the entire industry, don hide behind the standard vague phrase at your own risk

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Dear Short Sale Gurus

2. Actually do Short Sales pt2.

I certainly can hate on you for making a living doing what you doing. Please know that great things don last forever.

The biggest thing that will help you Mr. or Mrs. Guru with having relevant and current content is actually consider doing a few short sales here and there. Spend less time marketing and selling your course or bootcamp/event/seminar or whatever fancy word you came up for it and spend a few minutes doing what you preaching.

I not here to bash any particular I am here to inform some of the new(er) investors before they purchase any of these high priced courses to riches.

Real Estate takes as much work or more as another other profession.

While using an option contract is fine. Don be surprised if they bank tells you they want a purchase contract and not an option contract. That fine, just quit telling people they can assign their contracts for big profits.

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

While its been said we all have our 15 minutes of fame, your time is nearly up. Think not only about the future of those lives you affect but also about your own life and those affected Air Max 2017 Blue And White

If you actually did any short sales, your courses wouldn consist of telling people to get a short sale under contract and then that contract at closing. Just because you did exceptionally well properties during the last upswing when even our grandmas rolling in wheelchairs could have made money without blinking doesn mean it applies to short sale procedures.

4. Consider the Impacts of Your Business.

of us.

The best students are teachers. While I certainly don claim to be an expert, I enjoy helping/teaching others what I do know simply because it makes me better at what I do and I learn greatly from those I teach/help. This is how I know and keep up on what you guys are teaching/selling and why and how its mostly crap. I spend more time myth busting than I do anything else. It gets a little tiring after a while when a new(er) investor who just bought your 3yr old outdated course thinks they experts now and is telling me what I doing wrong because they read it and so it is truth from your course.

If you got a blog or site or even do a bunch of YouTube videos of you at the barber shop. Do a few that actually isn filled with upselling content. This will keep you at the top of your game. Instead of spending 3 5 minutes on a YouTube video Air Max 2016 Mens Price talking about your next event/bootcamp/seminar or whatever fancy word you made for it. Do a 3 5 minute video detailing steps needed to do XYZ.

1. Please update your content.

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Your business model is obviously selling. Whether it be a secondary income or primary/only source which is usually the assumed position. Please be aware of your impact on the industry as whole. I certainly don want to make your ego explode but if you have a course out there that is so old and outdated or is giving wrong information and 1000 people buy it. Those 1000 people are now going out as so called and screwing $hit up for the rest 2017 Air Max Red

You are telling people to go out and do XYZ while just 3 months ago, XYZ was either done away with by lenders internal policies or Attorney Generals and Law Makers. While you pretending to live the high life or getting crazy hair cuts, lives are being affected day in and day out.

While I may over think this particular point, I do think its still very much worth mentioning.

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Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Just my opinion.

While Nike Air Max 2016 Ocean

The laws DO continually change and effect what you doing and how you should do it.

So much has change and continues to change what seems like daily that your content from 2, 3 or even 4 years ago is far from accurate and no where near relevant.

around you.

AND I would caution any newbie to be VERY wary of anyone who claims they know EVERYTHING about short sales because EVERY damn day, I learn something new that wasn the same as yesterday. It not possible to know everything about a short sale.

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

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Air Max 2016 Mens Price

Air Max 2016 Mens Price

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