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Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

Carleton said it may Mens Nike Air Max 2016 Grey

"In 2000, Joe led an effort on behalf of the RNC at the state legislative level, which targeted legislative chambers for defense and for pick up. The effort resulted in capturing a majority of legislatures across the country. Additionally, he created the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association," according to Dutko's Web site.

He said the choice of Dutko is a poor one, especially since there was not a formal bidding process before the firm was hired.

be that the state needs a lobbyist in Washington since Douglas "has utterly failed to leverage his close ties to the Bush administration to support Vermont's critical program."

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

effective lobbyist to have is a representative who has relationships with people in the administration," Gibbs said. "If there is a Democratic administration it would be in the state's best interest to hire an individual or a firm that is Democratic and has relationships with other Democrats in the administration."

MONTPELIER Vermont Democrats, angered over Gov. The six month, $70,000 contract was awarded without competitive bidding, although Douglas administration officials have said it will put out to bid if it is extended.

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

"When you have a Republican administration, the most Air Max 2017 Full Black

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

"That is clearly not the sort of politics Vermonters want to Air Max 2016 Navy Blue support," Carleton said of the hiring. lobbyist. My concern is who Jim Douglas selected and how he selected them."

Sure, Gibbs said. The firm has both Democratic and Republican clients and employees, he pointed out. And when dealing with a Republican presidential administration it makes sense to have lobbyists with GOP ties working for the state in the Hall of the States, where the National Governors Association has its offices, Gibbs said. Unlike Vermont, most states maintain their own offices there, he pointed out.

"It's a very reasonable investment to ensure that Vermont has a full time representative in the Hall of the States, the headquarters of the National Governors Association," Gibbs said. "Joe does an outstanding job."

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

Gibbs, a Douglas spokesman, said that was merely "guilt by association" and "classic Washington nonsense."

The state has been struggling with a series of federal rules and a decision that may cost Vermont millions of dollars from health care programs to special education funding.

Former governor Howard Dean, who was at one time the head of the National Governors Association, had his Vermont staff do similar work, traveling to Washington when necessary, former officials said.

Democrats assail Douglas' lobbyist picks

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"I actually think this whole discussion does speak to the need to have an effective presence in the legislative process in Washington," Carleton said. "Are these the kind of people we want Vermont politics to be associated with?"

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

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"It's just stupid," said Gibbs, who added that the contract to hire the firm was approved by the office of Attorney General William Sorrell, a Democrat.

In addition the Democrat controlled state Legislature has hired consultants, including former Democratic lawmakers, Gibbs said.

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

The connection to the scandal plagued energy firm Enron and DeLay can be seen in an e mail that mentions Jaso, Carleton said.

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

Pattee, a native and part time resident of New Hampshire, is active with the Republican Governors Association and worked on the election effort of President George H. W. Bush, according to the Web site.

Air Max 2016 Navy Blue

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