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"But we still feel there might be more people out there who were in the area last week, particularly the Stockwell Street and King Street area, who saw or heard the helicopter.

The last sightings of the chopper were over Stockwell Street and King Street in the city. At 10.25pm, it Womens Air Max 2016

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Pilot David Traill, 51, died along with police constables Kirsty Nelis, 36, and Tony Collins, 43.

Detectives reveal final flight path taken by police Eurocopter before it ploughed into Clutha pub

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Police visited pubs and handed out leaflets on the streets near The Clutha last night.

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"The biggest challenge for us is the amount of information coming in and identifying from that what is the most relevant."

"At the moment, we are doing a CCTV trawl where we are obtaining CCTV from across the city, particularly the flight path the helicopter was on.

The route back to Glasgow took it over Bothwell and Bargeddie, and at around 10.20pm it was near Shettleston.

crashed into the roof of the busy pub, which collapsed seconds later.

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had a great reaction from the public who have given us a lot of information so far.

44, Colin Gibson, 33, and John McGarrigle, 57, were also killed.

Detective Superintendent Robbie Allan, the police officer leading the investigation into the tragedy, said: "We have

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"They Air Max 2016 Ocean Fog

A separate probe by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch is under way and the wreckage of the helicopter is being examined at their base in Farnborough, Hampshire.

"We are still in the process of assessing that.

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At around 8.47pm, the helicopter was in the Polmadie area, near Aikenhead Road. It then travelled east and was in the Dalkeith area at around 9.20pm before Air Max 2016 Red returning to Glasgow.

might be able to give us more information. Perhaps they think it isn't important but it might be important to us.

Pub customers Gary Arthur, 48, Samuel McGhee, 56, Robert Jenkins, 61, Mark O'Prey, Nike Max Air Basketball Shoes Flywire

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