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Courtney and Erin Nesbit, both starred at Harrison and are now playing at Mississippi State. Megan Nesbit has made a verbal commitment to follow in her sisters' footsteps to Starkville to play for Air Max 2016 Retro the Bulldogs in the spring of 2012.

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Despite sight in just one eye Allatoona softball player is living life as a typical active teenager

Now a senior first baseman for the Allatoona softball team, she is one of the Lady Buccaneers' top players, starting all three years since the program launched in 2008. But, only 40 at bats into her senior season, Nesbit suffered a torn meniscus that has kept her off the field since.

Seven months after the early diagnosis that seemingly saved Megan's life, she was fitted with a prosthetic eye painted to closely resemble her left eye made of a ceramic composite.

Nesbit wears protective goggles when she's on the field but takes grounders and hits like everyone else, having learned to deal with the loss of her eye. Her Nike Air Max St International

After being taken to see several doctors, Megan was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a disease that causes a malignant tumor to grow on the retina. The Nesbits' young daughter was admitted into the hospital, and a few days later, had her right eye removed.

"Sometimes, I have to remind myself that she has (retinoblastoma)," David Nesbit said. "It can almost make you cry because I forget that she's had to overcome things. We never treated her any differently. She has checkups every year to make sure everything is progressing properly, and the prosthetic has to be changed from time to time."

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The Nesbits' discovery of the disease appeared to have come just in time.

But considering what she's overcome, the knee injury could be considered nothing more than a speed bump.

They sat her up on the counter, perhaps to tie her shoes or do something else, and noticed that something didn't look right. It wasn't obvious, but to the Nesbits, when Megan looked in a direction to allow the kitchen light to reflect off her eyes, something was different.

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Given the chance to lead as normal of a life as could have ever been imagined at the time, Megan Nesbit has since thrived.

keep their season alive long enough for her to come back

"It's amazing what she can do on the softball field," Allatoona coach Troy Pirkle said. "Most people find out after the fact that she only has one eye, and that makes them even more surprised. She's a great player if she has two eyes, but they find that fact out and it's even more impressive."

"I've learned to work hard ever since I was little," Nesbit said. "I'm not going to let anyone outwork me. Whatever I do, I'm going to do it as hard as I can go, and not let anyone ever Nike Air Max 2017 Orange

depth perception is a little off, so she looks at the ball differently, but she can see it come out of the pitcher's glove and has learned to make adjustments.

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Air Max 2016 Retro

Megan Nesbit was 3 years old when she was in the kitchen with her mother, Kimberly, and father, David.

That setback halted what was turning into another strong year with Nesbit batting .425 with an on base percentage of .565. Despite the injury, she still ranks among the team leaders with 11 RBIs, 12 runs scored, three home runs and six doubles.

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The tumor can float in the eye socket, and doctors told the Nesbits that, had the tumor been found two weeks later, it could have attached to Megan's brain.

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According to WebMD, retinoblastoma occurs most often in children ages 5 and under and affects one in every 20,000 births.

After undergoing surgery on her knee Oct. 5, Nesbit was given the go ahead to play again beginning Oct. 25, just days before the elite eight begins in Columbus.

"As I've gotten older, I've just accepted that this is the way God made me," Nesbit said. "He gave it to me for a reason, and that's why I have it. It's who I am."

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Despite her disorder, Nesbit never wanted to be treated differently growing up. She played several sports but grew to love softball, in part because her older sisters, Courtney and Erin, prospered in the game.

Allatoona will begin the first round of the Class AAA state playoffs today at Riverwood. And while the Lady Buccaneers won't have Nesbit on the field, they're hoping they can 2017 Nike Air Max Black And Red

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After trying different positions when she was younger, Nesbit determined that first base was the best fit.

tell me that I can't.

"She just reacted that way," her father said. "She would not let us put a hand over her good eye the one that could see, because she couldn't see anything if we did that."

Kimberly Nesbit, who is a registered nurse, started examining Megan's eyes. When Megan was asked to cover her left eye, she pulled her hand away, jumped off the counter and ran.

"She's overcome the disability and she's worked really hard to learn how to play with it," Pirkle said.

Nesbit is comfortable with the issue, and now even jokes about it, but that wasn't always the case. She says she was very self conscious about the prosthetic eye when she was younger and didn't want a lot of people to know about it.

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