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pursue it so I have not.

Debt Collection from Tenants

That, of course, does not stop a person, such as you described, from quitting that job and getting another so the garnishment stops. I believe a wage garnishment is job specific. If she is working 2 jobs to make ends meet, you might be able to garnish both jobs.

If you do go to court and win you will get a judgment saying she owes you the money. Nothing more. The court won force her to make payments or anything like that. That will be up to you to track her down and get her to pay. You can take the judgment to a collection agency, and they will try to collect, for a cut. You can also put the judgment on her credit report. You hope will be that at some point she wants to buy a house or a car and the judgment interferes with that, and that when that happens she contacts you and pays you off.

With the economic times getting rough for a lot of people, who is to say that the individual will not come after her for making it almost impossible to get a good job, ect because of that garnishment on her records.

But as for as collecting, that is why I told her to rely on her attorney expertise in these matters. Even if she is able to collect some of the money (which would have to include the attorney fees) will it really be worth it?

In any event, I find it quite enjoyable to get the deadbeats. You can learn a lot by just going to court and testing the system.

you may have to sue them in FL first where the loss occurred to recieve the judgement. Then take that judgement to IL and sue her there for the right to attach any asset that she owns there.

It is a cheap education in law to file and lose than to hire a lawyer.

Of course, you may value your time differently.

this would include what we normally think of as assets which are bank accounts, real estate, ect. But many people do not realize that your paycheck, which is owed to you for the work that you already did, is an asset to you.

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Can anyone tell me if there is a time limit on how long you can wait to take legal action against a tenant who has broken a lease and left owing back rent? At the time, the tenant had driven the property into foreclosure and my mind was more on saving the property than taking action against them. Now that I have the problem resolved, I would like to collect what is due to me. I am in Florida and the former tenant is now somewhere in Indiana. has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation than can tell me the easiest way to go about this?

That judgement against her may also be able to be used by the courts where she is to "garnish" her wages as a source of repayment. That could also mean that you will also be suing her in her local court as some counties will not enforce a judgement without it comming from their court.

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Air Max 2016 Size 6

14K? I believe you are WAY out of the Small Claims Court if you aggregate everything. Superior Court if you file for the whole enchilada.

If you break it down you could sue for portions that keep it in Small Claims Court. Or maybe not, as I am not a lawyer and can give legal advice.

I will bet you that from now on she will watch things more closely.

Air Max 2016 Size 6

My advice is to file and see what happens. Then file again, and again, until you get what you want or you find you can get what you want.

As previouly suggested this is all started by a local attorney who will best guide you in this area as it may be worthless to sue her locally if that judgement is not going to be enforceable by the courts where she currently is.

I think Florida Small Claims Court is limited to 5K.

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Air Max 2016 Size 6

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Air Max 2016 Size 6

There are more than monetary considerations to all decisions that need to be made.

Mike, sounds like to me that she made a newbie mistake in that she Air Max 2016 Size 6 relied upon the renter make her loan for her with her rent check. And any decent rent 800 1000 could easily get to 14K in rent only in the time period she mentioned.

Air Max 2016 Size 6

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I wonder if you can "write off" a trip to your deadbeats general address to get papers served, or serve a writ of garnishment, or some other legal reason. Gets you to play private detective as an adventure, reduces your taxes, counts as a business expense, combines with vacation time, and can introduce you to the wonderfful tweakers of America!

a lawyer where the property is located. He or she can at least advise you on the proper procedure and the time limits. Most should do a quick initial phone call for free or a small charge.

toilet ;) Mike, I agree with you that I don think I will ever collect and it would be a waste of my time and money to Nike Air Max 2014 Mens White

It is the advice of the attorney that will be the most importance to you.

The property is a rather nice one so the rent was closer to $1800. I made several newbie mistakes in that the property was meant to flip, I spent too much on the rehab, the market flopped and I could not make any money by selling so I rented it. Newbie mistake number two was trusting a mortgage broker that got me in a really bad loan and newbie mistake number four was I rented to a so called friend. Info for any other newbies who may not have $100K plus they want to flush down the Nike Air Max Yellow And Blue

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