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Poilievre stood by his morning testimony at the Senate committee.

Stephen Harper responded by congratulating Philippe Couillard, the Quebec Liberal party leader, for his victory Monday night in the provincial election.

"I think it's very unfortunate when an officer of Parliament is treated that way," she said, adding that she has always found Mayrand to be "very honourable, to take his job very seriously."

Poilievre insinuated Tuesday that the agency is equally misguided in pursuing an investigation into automated phone messages that misdirected thousands of primarily non Conservative voters to the wrong polling stations in the 2011 election. Elections commissioner Yves Cote has testified that the robocall investigation has been frustrated by unco operative witnesses and has asked for the power to compel testimony.

She told senators her views are informed by Elections Canada's expert opinion on the legislation but are also the result of her own investigation, in which she found her own daughter wouldn't be eligible to vote because she lacks the proper ID.

Moreover, she said the attack on Mayrand raises concerns for all seven independent officers of Parliament, including the auditor general, casting doubt on their impartiality and credibility and ultimately their ability to do their jobs.

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The governing party was eventually convicted in that affair of having orchestrated a scheme to exceed its campaign spending limit in the 2006 election by more than $1 million.

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One of Mayrand's biggest concerns is that up to 120,000 voters could be disenfranchised if vouching is banned. He told the committee that vouching is a fail safe mechanism for those who can't prove residency.

"I think that's my duty, my responsibility and I'm trying to fulfil it to the best of my abilities."

Mayrand has long been a favourite target of the Conservatives and Poilievre in particular. Poilievre and other Tories repeatedly accused the Stephen Harper appointee of singling out the Conservatives for electoral wrongdoing in the so called in and out scandal while ignoring similar transgressions by other parties.

said police manage to secure convictions without that power, and "if Elections Canada cannot do the same, perhaps that says something about the cases being investigated, rather than the powers of the investigator."

Exactly four weeks after he launched Bill C 23 with a swipe at Marc Mayrand for "wearing a Red Nike Air Max 2016

For his part, Mayrand refused to respond in kind. Appearing at the same Senate committee later, he attempted to keep the focus on the sweeping changes he and other electoral experts fear will disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters, erode the independence of Elections Canada, slow down investigations into breaches of election law and make spending limits on political parties unenforceable.

"His recommendations really boil down to three broad requirements for him," Poilievre told the Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee Tuesday as it launched a "pre study" of the bill before the House of Commons considers amendments or passes it.

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"Will the prime minister stand in this House and apologize to parliamentarians, and apologize to Marc Mayrand, for that cowardly, baseless attack on Canada's chief electoral officer?" NDP Leader Tom Mulcair demanded.

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The bill would make it impossible for Fraser, or anyone else, to vouch for her daughter's place of residence.

Pierre Poilievre accuses elections watchdog of wanting more power

The broadside drew Air Max 2017 Dark Blue sharp condemnation in the Commons during the daily question period.

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"He wants more power, a bigger budget and less accountability."

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team jersey," Poilievre accused the chief electoral officer of making "astounding" and untrue claims about the legislation in a desperate bid to pad his power and his budget.

"My role is to point out to Parliament some issues that may arise from any legislation that governs elections," Mayrand said outside the committee room.

Fraser's own integrity was called into question last week when she first critiqued the bill in an interview with The Canadian Press, calling it an "attack on our democracy." Poilievre and other Tories implied she was nothing more than a paid mouthpiece for Elections Canada because she currently serves as co chair of an advisory committee set up by Mayrand last fall, paid a per diem of $1,750 to a maximum of $65,000 over three years.

OTTAWA Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre is fending off near universal condemnation of his controversial elections overhaul by attacking the integrity, impartiality and motives of the chief elections watch dog.

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Outside committee, Mayrand said requiring proof of residency is almost "unique" to Canada. It is not required in Britain, Australia, India or the United States, except for one state.

Mayrand's integrity and impartiality was given a vote of confidence Tuesday from Sheila Fraser, the highly respected former auditor general who uncovered the previous Liberal government's sponsorship scandal.

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