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like it seems like his attitude toward it."

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"He really demonstrated a knowledge of what seems to be the sentiment of county commissioners and city council folks across the state," the source said.

Haynes has said he plans to take federal land for state ownership. If federal employees attempt to enforce federal law, he said, they would be arrested for impersonating a police officer. Haynes also said he would open Yellowstone National Park to grazing, mining and drilling, but in the Nike Air Max Running 2016 Mens

Gov. Matt Mead began Tuesday's GOP primary debate flat, two Republican insiders said, but he picked up momentum when he attacked challenger Taylor Haynes' views on the state claiming federal lands, they said.

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The primary is Aug. 19.

"In my view, he showed the calm, steady Air Max For Girls 2014 nature of what Wyomingites have learned to expect in our governors ever since his grandfather Gov. Cliff Hansen, in fact," Roberts said. "We've not had strident, polarizing individuals serving as governor at least in my memory. Matt Mead would appear to be a continuation of that tradition."

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"I don't think he has explained that very well or why he thinks Wyoming needs one," the source said. "He just says, 'Well, Wyoming needs one, and so deal with it,' is almost Nike Air Max 2014 All White

One GOP source said Mead's answers to possibly beginning a refugee resettlement program in Wyoming which Mead claims is in the exploratory phase shows "a real vulnerability on his part."

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The source said Haynes was thoughtful when he questioned the pace of saving money. Haynes said mental health, juvenile justice and veterans are woefully underfunded. Haynes would also like to send more money to local governments for infrastructure, including information technology.

The Star Tribune sought analysis on the debate from Wyoming Republican sources who have each supported moderate and conservative candidates. They are not named because of their ongoing activity in the GOP.

"I, too, wonder if this could have been accomplished had Cindy Hill participated," Roberts said.

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Haynes' strongest answer during the debate was to a question about the state's rainy day fund, one source said.

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Debate flaws for Haynes on Yellowstone

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Hill, the state superintendent and the third candidate in the GOP gubernatorial primary, declined invitations to participate.

The GOP sources and Roberts, the professor, said the debate was civil. Both candidates acted like professionals in their interactions with each other.

a Casper College, he said he suggested that to draw attention to Yellowstone and geothermal energy that could run the park. The Star Tribune, KCWY News 13 and the college sponsored the 2014 Wyoming GOP GubernatorialPrimary Debate.

"He really hurt his chances for any crossover or chances of an undecided voter, because he sounded unreasonable," one said.

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Mead is a lawyer and A RINO, one in the same. As phony a his cowboy hat. He's never met a government he didn't like and he goes along with whatever it proposes, not the other way around. We need a conservative who'll take on the government, not refuse to do so, which has been so evident by the GOP establshment. The ' analysis' by these GOPhers is proof positive they're alive and well here. Haynes said in no uncertain terms the states have a right to their own destiny, and that is a conservative.

Phil Roberts is a University of Wyoming history professor. He said Mead explained complex issues well.

So, Cindy Hill was a No Show. I'd have to say " No Show's" chances of getting elected went from teens to low single digits. But we have no good choices here on the GOP slate. Pete Gosar the Dem is looking better with each passing minute . Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

Air Max For Girls 2014

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