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Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

The shooting that happened on Law Street in Pelzer on March 5 left Victor Vandegrift, 48, Wanda Anderson, 40, and Hank Eaton, 33, all dead.

Williams shoot her friends, Hendricks responded that she saw him shoot them.

made the call before handing the phone to Hendricks.

Deputies released the recording of the call Wednesday.

Hendricks keeps pleading for them to hurry up to get there, as the dispatcher tells her to calm down.

Hendricks also told the dispatcher there was a woman with Williams when he left in the truck. Nike Air Max 2016 Black And Silver

Deputies release 911 call from woman who survived triple homicide

When asked if she just heard the shots or if she saw Nike Air Max Wright On Feet

Hendricks tells the dispatcher she doesn't know which direction Williams left in because she was hiding under a bed.

Hendricks can be heard speaking to the woman whose phone she was using, apologizing for bleeding on her carpet and thanking her for letting her use the phone.

The dispatcher tells Hendricks to stay on the phone and in the house with the door locked until officers get there.

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Hendricks recounts the shooting to deputiesWilliams is charged with three counts of murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime and grand larceny, in connection to the theft of a truck belonging to Wanda Anderson. He faces additional charges in connection to the chase including failure to stop for blue lights and two attempted murder charges and three counts of possession of a weapon during a crime. Sheriff John Skipper said that the attempted murder charges are as a result of Williams shooting at Greenville County and Anderson County deputies during the pursuit.

911 call Tara Hendricks, 36, said she was shot in the arm and leg, but managed to hide under a bed until the shooter, who she says was Jared Williams, drove off in a truck that she says he stole from Anderson.

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

While Williams led deputies on a wild, high speed chase that ended in a crash into a house, Hendricks was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. She Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls had run a street over from where the shooting had taken place and was let in by an older woman who Nike 2016 Air Max Grey

When the dispatcher asked why Williams shot them, Hendricks said it started when Vandergrift accused Williams of having stolen his shoes.

That woman was later identified as Williams' girlfriend, 19 year old Hope Phillips.

Video of the chase and crashThe dispatcher firmly questioned Hendricks about what had happened, and the wounded woman responded, "He shot my whole family." It was later learned that Hendricks wasn't related to the victims, but that was how she referred to her friends.

When the dispatcher asked, "Who did this?" Hendricks answered in a calm, quiet voice, "Jared Williams." She later repeated that a second time.

Air Max Shoes 2016 For Girls

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