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1 n count A total is the number that you get Air Max Shoes 2017 when you add several numbers together or when you count how many things there are in a group.

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The total cost of the project would be more than $240 million.


They haven't totalled the exact figures. V n

2 adj The total number or cost of something is the number or cost that you get when you add together or count all the parts in it.

The unit's Nike Air Max Shoes Blue

6 adj You can use total to emphasize that something is as great in extent, degree, or amount as it possibly can Nike Air Max Navy Blue And Orange

vb add up, amount to, come to, mount up to, reach, reckon, sum up, tot up, n individual amount, part, subtotalvb deduct, subtracttotal ( totals plural 3rd person present) ( totalling present participle) ( totalled past tense past participle )

I was with my husband for eight years in total.

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Air Max Shoes 2017

Air Max Shoes 2017

Air Max Shoes 2017

Air Max Shoes 2017

in total phrase PHR after v, PHR with cl, amount PHR

4 verb If several numbers or things total a certain figure, that figure is the total of all the numbers or all the things.

3 If there are a number of things in total, there are that number when you Air Max 2016 Black And Pink

Dictionnaire synonymes anglais

Air Max Shoes 2017

Air Max Shoes 2017

5 verb When you total a set of numbers or objects, you add them all together.

count or add them all together.

exports will total $85 million this year. V amount

Air Max Shoes 2017

Air Max Shoes 2017

The companies have a total of 1,776 employees.

Air Max Shoes 2017

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