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"I found that quite disrespectful of me," Pauline said.

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"I think it was ligature use and head banging," she said.

"The part about her face was purple, that concerned me."

Deputy warden denies knowing guards ordered to stay out of teen's cell

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In an email to Pauline in August 2007, as Smith returned to the prison for her second stay, Berry told her Grand Valley would be "under a great deal of scrutiny."

Pauline was intimately involved in discussions about how best to deal with Smith, who was prone to self strangulation with ligatures and disruptive behaviour that taxed frontline guards. She did say she was told Smith was simply badly behaved and not mentally ill.

of correctional managers, who played down just how critical Smith's situation was.

Asked about a guard's report on Smith she reviewed prior to testifying, Pauline said:

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Other witnesses have been fiercely critical of Pauline's management style and approach to dealing with Smith, who was prone to self harming.

On the stand, Pauline displayed little of the self described "dynamic and energetic individual" of her resume.

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In often halting testimony, Joanna Pauline told the Ashley Smith inquest she had no memory of management discussions about the issue.

Lanigan also said Pauline pressed her to change recommendations on how best to keep the disturbed teen safe to align with those Nike Air Max Knit Fly

In her evidence at the inquest in June, the chief psychologist at the prison, Cindy Lanigan, said Pauline badgered and denigrated underlings constantly in a "reign of terror."

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What she did recall was her fractured relationship Black Air Max 2016 with the warden, Cindy Berry, who cut her out of management meetings and called her an "administrative Air Max Command 2016

Pauline, the former deputy warden of Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ont., said she could not remember seeing a report in which a frontline officer fretted Air Max For Men 2016

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Smith's increasingly aberrant behaviour in segregation had drawn attention of higher ups at regional and national headquarters.

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Yet she was unable to remember reports describing the teen as clearly showing the effects of suffocation or tell coroner's counsel much about Smith's self harming.

assistant" with no vision for the institution.

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about a manager's order to stay out of Smith's cell as long as she was breathing.

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