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walterbell 5 days ago link

fine. Messaging shouldn be inside a walled garden anyway; whatever happened to XMPP?

waterlesscloud 5 days ago link

TazeTSchnitzel 5 days ago link

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nahname 5 days ago link

When they split the app out, it was the first time I actually installed it, because I wanted to have the messenger, without anything else from facebook. Sure, it has some annoying features, but they can be disabled. Maybe not in very attractive ways, but I can see how they try to make the app convenient for the average person.

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CalRobert 5 days ago link

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I removed all FB apps and use Buy Nike Air Max 2016 the mobile web site. Works Nike Air Max Ultra Essential Red

The defaults are terrible. I managed to get most of the really annoying stuff turned off after a few minutes. I still get asked from time to time to connect it in with my contacts or whatever which I ignore. Pretty buggy even in normal conversations as little bubbles fail to scroll up and obscure the current conversation.

The facebook messaging app wants access most everything my phone can give it. No thanks.

Resistance is not futile. TextSecure from Android is coming to iOS.

did it annoy anyone else how they are trying to force

I refused, and then uninstalled the main app. Their required permissions for the Android apps were getting ridiculous.

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I completely refuse to install it. My only point of resistance is that they tried to force me, but that enough.

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Buy Nike Air Max 2016

Buy Nike Air Max 2016

Android, unfortunately, has really, really broad permissions and they only getting worse.

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This is the current meme, but really why are the permissions ridiculous? As a developer they seem absolutely normal to me? Help me understand please. .


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