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exemption fraud is prevalent, Williams said.

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can explain, in detail, all right?," was all he said at the time.

Core refused to Womens Air Max 2017

The Orleans Parish assessor says a number of people try to get more than one exemption.

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It also appears that Mendoza got a Road Home grant after Hurricane Katrina which violated the rules of the Road Home program.

The Civil Service Commission reinstated Capt. Mendoza, finding no evidence that he neglected his duty, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal agreed.

On the Folsom property, Core said homestead exemption has been reduced to 50 percent, since Mendoza admits he doesn live there, but his former wife Vicki does.

And for 2009 and 2010, records show he had a second homestead exemption in Folsom two homestead exemptions in one parish.

Mendoza sold his New Orleans house on Vicksburg in June 2005, but he still has the house with a homestead exemption on it in Mandeville. Further, in September 2008, he bought another house in Folsom.

Did NOPD captain break homestead exemption tax laws

And the Road Home rules very clearly say a recipient had to own and live on the property to be eligible for funding.

Williams, the Orleans assessor, points out that homestead exemptions like Mendoza are part of the calculation every parish makes to decide how much tax property owners have to pay.

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Initially, Capt. Mendoza indicated that he wasn aware of any of that when Eyewitness News caught up with him at City Hall earlier this week. He had very little to say when asked about the evidence showing him with double homestead exemptions in St. Tammany, or the Road Home questions in Tangipahoa.

applicant(s) must have owned and occupied the property as their primary residence as of and prior to the date of Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005) or Rita (September 24, 2005), according to Road Home rules.

At the same time, St. Tammany Parish assessor Patricia Schwarz Core says he had a homestead exemption on a house on Katharine Pkwy. in Mandeville.

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Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Grey White

If Capt. Mendoza sounds familiar, it may be from the headlines he made several years ago when Nike Air Max Neon

After two days of repeated e mails and phone calls, Mendoza's attorney Charles Kronlage, called late Thursday to say he is working "to find out what if anything is wrong. And if anything is wrong, to correct it."

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when you add something to the exempt rolls that should not be there, clearly it somebody else who is picking up the tab for them until they caught, Williams said.

From the year 2000 through 2005, District Assessor Claude Mauberret says Mendoza had a homestead exemption on a house on Vicksburg St. in Lakeview. Eyewitness News obtained Mendoza applications for the homestead exemption for some of those years.

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But when Katrina hit, he had a homestead exemption in Mandeville and was registered to vote in New Orleans indicating his domicile was not in either of these houses in Amite.

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going to have to research all this and get back to you guys on that, Mendoza said.

NEW ORLEANS Capt. Harry Mendoza, the commander of the New Orleans Police training academy, owns a number of properties, according to public records.

Core said a change order has been issued so that St. Tammany Parish can recover the taxes he should have paid on the property last year.

Eyewitness News showed Mendoza the public records and later sent him copies of the documents so he could look at them more carefully.

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only entitled to one in the state of Louisiana or the United States, explains Orleans Parish Assessor Erroll Williams. your domicile is, that where your voting registration is. You can have more than one residence, but you can have more than one domicile. That the way the law reads. homestead exemption removes the first $75,000 of a home value from the tax rolls. For a house worth $75,000, that can often save a homeowner anywhere from $1,000 to more than $1,100 per year on property taxes.

crime problem in New Orleans. Every man and woman has to step up, Riley said at the time.

provide WWL TV with the applications for those homestead exemptions, arguing they are Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Grey White not part of the public record.

In addition, she said homestead exemption has been removed completely from the Mandeville house, since neither one of the Mendozas live there, and they will be billed for the taxes they should have paid last year.

Many would congratulate him for making good on the American dream of homeownership. But public records also reveal he has also done something the law forbids. For a number of years, he has had more than one homestead exemption at a time.

fact that a commander would play tennis, lift weights, have prolonged lunches in other parishes while on the clock in New Orleans We have a serious Nike Air Max Vapor

When Eyewitness News alerted Core that Mendoza had dual homestead exemptions, she removed the illegal exemptions after talking to Mendoza.

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The Road Home grant appears to be for one of the two houses that Mendoza owns in Tangipahoa Parish.

former NOPD Supt. Warren Riley fired him for alleged neglect of duty.

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