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1. When using someone for the first time, how closely do you monitor them? Do you visit the job site daily?

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2. As Roy said above, low flow fixtures are good and also having the peace of mind knowing the plumbing fixtures aren't old and about to break (which can cause massive damage).

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2. I'm curious about your decision to replace the toilets. I know you mentioned you always replace them in flips, which I can understand, but I'm not so sure renters will really appreciate a new toilet as much. Of course I am assuming there is nothing wrong with the current toilets.

materials directly, and we'll either reimburse him or he'll use our HD card.

What is the drop off in rents and quality of tenant (Though if you need the high end unit to get section 8 I assume the quality doesn't really go down) for the "freshened up" place that isn't fully updated?

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

3. We'll start marketing as soon as the rehab is done. We'll also put it on CL. .

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

do one delivery from Home Depot for all our finish materials (light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc). If we're buying materials and the timing works out, we'll also have other materials delivered at the same time (sheetrock, lumber, trim, etc). More often than not though, the contractor needs the building materials prior to the delivery of the finish materials, in which case we'll have him buy the building Nike Air Max Wright 3

Here is the side by side list of tasks the contractor bid, along with my original estimates for the what.

So going the devil advocates stance, what would the rents be like if you don't go as nice on the rehab? As a few others have said I would not be inclined to do over that kitchen (at least not the cabinets, I'd paint it and put down tile since it is nice and it is durable) I also would just change out some stuff in the bathroom (No pooper and would tile that as well, looks like it had wall paper so I'd get that garbage out of there).

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This is probably a dumb question but when you use a contractor where you supply the materials, does your Air Max 2016 Crimson

The first bid I received was for $21K+. The second bid was from the guy who coincidentally was doing work around the corner on another rental property he prefers to only bid labor and have us purchase all materials. But, he gave us a bid on about 80% of the labor tasks, and his prices were very competitive. Ultimately, his labor bid for those tasks came in at 30% below my estimates (about $2000 less), so we already have a savings over the estimate I originally prepared.

I prefer word of mouth recommendations from other investors I meet. The three contractors I had bid this job were all referrals. One was someone who was doing some work on my partner's personal residence (my partner found him on Craigslist and he was really good), one was referred by the wholesaler in the deal, and the other was from Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes a local real estate mailing list.

For the most part, we'll use HD for our finish materials. But, if we're doing something higher end, or if we're doing a big project, we may use some specialty distributors to get better prices.

We'll generally Nike Air Max Ladies

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

3. How soon before you start marketing your property? Will you use an agent? CL?

1. Normally, we've seen other work that the contractor has done (we'll ask to walk through a project) and that will give us an idea of how organized and clean he is, which is my biggest concern with a new contractor. Also, I like to use contractors where I have a recommendation from another investor, so I have an idea of what to expect (can he be left alone for more than a day or not). In places where I have a full time project manager, he'll spend a couple hours/day at the site with new contractors; in places where I'm managing myself, I'll visit the first day and see how things are going, and then decide if I need to stop by everyday or not. If I do need to stop by everyday, it's probably not a contractor I'll use long term.

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

Mens Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes

I'm not a fan of Angie's List, as the contractors tend to be more retail focused and priced. And certainly I like getting recommendations from those I meet at the local Meetups.

Diary of a Rental Property

contractor usually pick them up for you or do you have to deliver to the site? Are you using local outfits for materials or going the big box route (or combo of the 2?) . . So is it safe to conclude that labor prices are actually similar to Atlanta? I have a couple questions if you don't mind:

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