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was always perfect for me but it was almost Nike Air Max 2016 Yellow

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

so easy that it was like, is he so perfect for me? You know what I mean? You almost want to dig for more just to see if it gonna be harder, like if it gonna be a chase, but (with Siegfried), I didn want to ever say goodbye to him, and that when I knew he the one. before the cameras and in person, Siegfried, also 27, doesn seem troubled that Hartsock also Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black had feelings for another guy so soon before they became engaged.

talked with my mom and she talked with my family, added Siegfried.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

I was saying I wanted to go home, that what I wanted to do, the 27 year old said. But it didn take long for her to realize that Siegfried was the right guy for her.

For the past few months, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried have kept their engagement secret as their season on ABC Bachelorette played out. So secret, they went by the code names Sonny and Cher.

For much of the season, Hartsock said another contestant, Brooks Forrester, was the front runner. Spoiler websites predicted that Forrester and Hartsock would end up together.

She said those feelings were genuine.

She moving from Los Angeles to Seattle to be with Siegfried, and although they want an wedding when the time is right, they not ruling out the idea of televising their nuptials like some former and couples have done.

To stay connected, they saw each other every other week for long weekends, would video chat Womens Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

But with just Forrester, Siegfried and Drew Kenney remaining on the show, Forrester took himself out of the competition, saying he didn feel the same way about Hartsock.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

The finale on Monday night opened with Hartsock heartbroken about being blindsided, even telling host Chris Harrison that she wanted to go home.

we have our own names in our phones, Siegfried said in an interview Tuesday. such a milestone. So many firsts! fact that Hartsock picked Siegfried, a mortgage broker, came as a surprise to many viewers.

reality TV romance ended in heartbreak. The bridal stylist competed for the affection of Sean Lowe on Bachelor, but was sent home after a disastrous date.

just stayed true to how I felt for her and how I felt about the process. I just did a really good job compartmentalizing everything. couple said they had to talk to members of his family and reassure them that they are happy together.

was maybe a little hard at first but they knew the outcome, Hartsock said.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

and talk on the phone.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried take their engagement public

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Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Black

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