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So don't get your hackles up because I push back on these people. They richly deserve it. And, BTW, is very tame compared to some of the names I've been called.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Well, it turns out it is true. The Department of Homeland Security purchased the ammo, but not to be used against American citizens as my questioner was clearly suggesting. Customs, ICE, the Coast Guard, the National Law Enforcement Training Center and so on.

I will remind you that many members of the GOP called President Obama a variety of nasty names during his election and his re election. I don't suppose you objected to that.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Rep. Bob Barr, we took questions from the audience. I was asked by a guy to explain why the government had purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. I said Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon I was unaware of such a claim and added that I had no idea if it was true.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Whoa! Dead hamsters? Meaningless stunt? You do know what the Nike Air Max Women Rose Gold

BTW, as far as Paul's filibuster, I suggest you read what a real Liberal columnist had to say about it. His name is Bill Press. He discusses issues and leaves name calling and insults to the immature and undisciplined.

nothing to further a discussion and results in wasted time and effort. Once it starts, credibility is shot, just as yours has been. If you cannot talk about an issue wthout name calling and insults, then you should just keep your mouth shut.

DHS to launch offensive on America not

And the DHS didn't buy the light armored vehicles. Marine Corps did.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

It's a sad but routine formula for Fox News hosts and other such pundits in today's instant news cycle: Grab something, anything, that will affirm the viewers' or listeners' prejudices, dispense with fact checking, present it as authentic, bounce it around with a kooky guest like LaPierre or Orly Taitz or Victoria Jackson, and then move on, the damage done.

It's also irresponsible and unprofessional, as Mr. Dobbs well knows. is different from Press', who must play nice because he's a Beltway insider who won't get invited to the better DC cocktail parties if he's not. Senate, they deserve nothing less than disdain, which I am all too happy to heap on them.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Dobbs then asked his guest, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre (of all people), in the world is going on at the Homeland Department the Department of Homeland Security seems to be arming up and the administration is trying to disarm American citizens? Except the Obama administration isn't to disarm American citizens and there is no evidence to suggest it is.

Second, you assume that everyone is as two faced as you are. You both allude to your mistaken conclusion that I approve of Conservatives calling Liberals names, but object when it is the other way around. Sorry to inform you that I have raised as much hell about name calling from the GOP as I have from the Dems. It does Mens Nike Air Max 2016 Grey

So it was the other night Lou Dobbs, who has successfully transitioned from respected business journalist to a monger of nutty conspiracy theories, played to this delusional paranoia by declaring on his Fox Business show that, along with all the ammo, the DHS had also bought light armored vehicles. Let's see: 1.6 billion rounds of ammo plus 2,700 light armored vehicles must equal Obama tyranny!

White House was forced to answer a question it had ducked for weeks. At the same time, Obama is suddenly willing to lobby Republican lawmakers personally and aggressively on the federal budget. His job approval numbers are slipping, according to a variety of public and private polls, which might explain these two reversals.

To ignore my is your choice, ignoring the truth is also your choice, as you have done when considering that Rand Paul is anything other than part of the GOP lunatic fringe.

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started as a Paul only affair quickly turned into an after midnight gathering of GOP senators who were literally summoned to Capitol Hill by supporters via Twitter and e mail.

Yes, these are interesting times for political junkies.

to Kevin F. You and your coat tail hanger, Lib, both make two very tragic mistakes. First you assume there is only one side to every question and that is your side.

about, right? You do know that Harry Reid (D NV) spoke positively about Sen. Paul's right to filibuster?

filibuster was Nike Air Max Women Silver

There are many other such hacks and they're a rich source of unsubstantiated and slanted for right wing media outlets and tin foil hat wearers.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

When in any discussion about the lunatic fringe, I am left with nothing else other than name calling, especially when the likes of Rand Paul or any other Tea Party member wastes our time and money with a 13 hour filibuster which had nothing to do with the appointment of the now Secretary of Defense.

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Lagoon

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