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"The hypothesis is that the latter devices are more alerting and disrupt the sleep onset process."

deprived advised to turn off tech

North Americans aren't getting the sleep they need and, according to the results of a new survey, the growing habit of using computers, laptops, televisions and other electronic devices in the hour before bedtime isn't helping matters.

Fogarty says he loses track of time and goes to his retail job feeling, and looking, tired, which affects his work.

Taken technology by technology, the habits show marked trends according to age.

So called Generation Z'ers young people aged 13 18 years old said they were the most tired of all respondents, with 22 per cent describing themselves as "sleepy" compared with 9 per cent of baby boomers between the ages of 46 and 64.

In a series of pointers for those who are having trouble sleeping, the NSF suggests sticking to regular sleep and wake times; avoiding exposure to bright lights after sunset; exercising regularly; relaxing before bed; and ensuring your sleep environment Nike Air Max 2016 Concord is cool, comfortable and distraction free.

Despite the appeal of flicking through the channels or surfing the Internet in the day's last gasps, experts warn the habit might actually make it harder to slip into dreamland.

type of electronic activity.

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Napping is most common among the youngest respondents, with more than half of generation Zers and generation Yers admitting to at least one weekday nap.

Even more alarming for nocturnal technophiles, a psychology professor at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, says the problem can be exacerbated depending on the Air Max 2016 White And Blue

"It's hard when you show up looking tired," Fogarty told CTV News. "No one wants to buy from someone who looks tired. So it's a bit of a challenge."

Bearing that in mind, Gradisar advises anyone who routinely surfs the net, then has trouble falling asleep, to try engaging in more 'passive' activities right before bedtime.

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And when it comes to late night video gaming, the youngest respondents were about twice as likely to try improving their high scores just before sleep.

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At least a few nights a week, the survey found people turn on the TV, computer, music device, games console or cell phone within that last hour before lights out.

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"My research compares how technologies that are 'passively received' such as TVs and music versus those with 'interactive' properties like video games, cell phones and the Internet may affect the brain differently," Michael Gradisar said in a statement.

"So they almost become, from my position as a sleep researcher, a shift worker," Samuels told CTV News. "Because they never let themselves rest."

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Dr. Charles Samuels, of the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance in Calgary, said the result is people are "connected" nearly 24 hours Nike Air Max Shoes Price 2016

Nike Air Max 2016 Concord

Further exacerbating the problem is that many people go to sleep with their cell phone on their bed side table, and can hear the phone's alarm when a new email or text message comes in.

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Approximately one in ten Generations Z'ers report being awoken from their sleep by phone calls, emails, or text messages every night or almost every night.

Older respondents, for example, were more likely to flick the television on, while younger respondents tend to favour their computers or laptops.

"This study reveals that Nike Air Max St Men's

Whatever the reason, however, the survey found that more and more Americans are reporting they rarely, if ever, get a good night's sleep defined as at least 7 hours for adults and 8 hours for teens. Experts recommend teenagers get more than 9 hours of sleep each night though, far more than the average 7 hours and 26 minutes teens reported to pollsters.

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According to Dr. Charles Czeisler of the Harvard Medical School and its affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital, exposure to artificial light cast by all those screens can actually throw off the body's natural rhythms.

Ryan Fogarty, 24, says his habit of spending his evenings watching his big screen television, playing video games and text messaging leaves him averaging between five and six hours of sleep per night.

light emitting screens are in heavy use within the pivotal hour before sleep. Invasion of such alerting technologies into the bedroom may contribute to the high proportion of respondents who reported that they routinely get less sleep than they need."

Fogarty said he relies on "coffee, a lot of coffee" to get through the day, and under eye creams to combat bags and dark circles under his eyes.

Other highlights from the survey results include:

Many of the sleep deprived say their fatigue affects mood (85%), family life (72%), social life (68%) and work (74%). Just shy of two thirds of the adults surveyed said sleepiness affects their sex life too.

per day.

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"Artificial light exposure between dusk and the time we go to bed at night suppresses release of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin, enhances alertness and shifts circadian rhythms to a later hour making it more difficult to fall asleep," Czeisler said in a statement.

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'Passive' vs. 'active' technology

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