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not comment on the ongoing investigation.

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Benjamin Seitz's death came in the wake of the June case of 22 month old Cooper Harris, whose death after being left in a hot car in Georgia drew international attention.

About 50% of cases involving deaths of infants abandoned in automobiles result in criminal charges, Callan said, adding that each case is "highly individual."

one factor to be considered by the state's attorney in the evaluation of the incident once the investigation is complete," a statement released by State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky said.

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Harris said he forgot the child was in the car. Investigators say he researched how hot a car needs to be to kill a child, and that while his son was dying in the parking lot, Harris was sending explicit text messages to several women.

"In legal parlance, the term means that death was caused by another human being rather than by strictly natural causes," he added.

"The use of the word 'homicide' in an autopsy report, though often seen in connection with criminal cases, does not necessarily mean that criminal charges will be lodged against the father," Callan said.

In the wake of his death, Rogers Seitz created a blog called "The Gift of Ben," which she has said she is using to bring attention to the number of children who die of heatstroke in cars and to press for action to save lives.

father, Justin Ross Harris, pleaded not guilty to murder and child cruelty charges after leaving Cooper in the backseat of his car for an entire workday in the sweltering heat.

Neither prosecutors nor Ridgefield Police provided further comment.

The cause of Benjamin Seitz's death was hyperthermia because of environmental exposure, the state medical examiner said on Wednesday.

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Seitz family attorney Bob Nike Air Max 2016 Original Gulash told CNN he could Nike Air Max Roshe

On July 7, Kyle Seitz was supposed to drop his son off at day care in Ridgefield, Connecticut, but the drop off never occurred, his wife, Lindsey Rogers Seitz told CNN last month.

In a post from August 15, Rogers Seitz wrote that she "realized the hardest part of this journey is not that we believe we cannot live without you, Ben. It is that we know and feel we have a long life ahead of us, and we must live it without you physically in our arms."

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"The autopsy report is Nike Air Max Womens Style

Despite the medical examiner's ruling, the decision about whether to press criminal charges is made by the state's attorney, said CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan.

Death of Connecticut child left in hot car ruled a homicide

"The criminal law generally does not punish for accidental events absent evidence of gross negligence, recklessness or a depraved indifference to the value of human life," Callan said.

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