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Different ways to run the House

Gingery said he spends time the night before a session reading bills forthe next day. He is accustomed Nike Air Max 2016 Price Check to getting up and amending those bills on the floor the next day ifhe believes it necessary. This active involvement had been encouraged under previousleadership in the House.

10 year legislative career and will Air Max 2016 On Foot

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During the sessions, he drove to Jackson and back to Cheyenne everyweekend to spend time with his family.

He said he and former Speaker Ed Buchanan of Torrington were goodfriends and worked well during together during the 2011 2012 Legislaturewhen Buchanan was speaker and Gingery was speaker pro tem.

Gingery, a 44 year old Jackson attorney, announced recently that he isclosing out his Nike Air Max Orange White

"The body is definitely going in a direction that probably isn't the directionI would have been heading in," Gingery said.

"They had a vision and they're moving ahead," he added. "I didn't want tobe the guy in the back row grumbling."

If events had rolled out under the House's old seniority system,Gingery would be moving into the speaker's chair next year, provided, ofcourse, he could get re elected.

Ten years ago, when he first came to the Legislature, he said, it was more openand transparent.

The new members were proud that they weren't acting like Congress.

Last week during an interview he acknowledged that another reason forhis decision was getting bumped from the leadership before the 2013session.

He and Buchanan thought they had a good approach. The new crop ofleaders has a different approach. Neither one, he said, is wrong.

In the recent session these attempts to improve bills seemed to offend colleagues.

CHEYENNE The last two years have been a bit tense for Rep. KeithGingery of Jackson.

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not seek re election thisyear.

Cindy Hill.

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Now the votes on bills are mostly up or down.

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The major reason for his decision, he said, is to spend more time with hiswife and 8 year old daughter.

Last year, Gingery differed from leadership in his strong opposition toSenate File 104, the bill that restructured the education department andput it under a governor appointed director instead of the statesuperintendent of public instruction, currently Nike Air Max Women Black

But now the Republican leaders are calling the shots "and it's becomeharder and harder to get your creative ideas out there," Gingery said.

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"But our little group was sometimes in opposition to that which now is inpower," he said.

They restricted each bill to one subject and debated bills and issues onthe floor.

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The reason for his Republican colleagues' action was largely because ofa difference of opinion about the way to run the House.

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In one instance he tried to correct an improperly used legal termin a bill but his attempt was fought down.

One is left to speculate that the rejected member or members voted thewrong way on a bill or held a notion about policy that differed with theRepublican majority's views.

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