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"Nearly 1,000 Ark bridges are 'structurally deficient', list says Pine Bluff Commercial

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There was minimal press coverage when the organization MSU professor Karen Chou belongs to, the American Society of Civil Engineers, called for boosting transportation funding warning it would cost $9.4 billion a year for 20 years to eliminate the more than 160,000 deficient bridges across the nation.

The "structurally deficient" designation for most bridges means they've deteriorated to the point they're eligible for federal and state funding, Forsberg said.

Blue Earth County Engineer Al Forsberg got little attention Air Max 2016 Blue And Black

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Nike Air Max 2016 Rcr

report card issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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"Florida's bridge inspectors won't be target of budget cuts" Florida Times Union

When Forsberg hears that 27 percent of the nation's approximately 600,000 bridges are rated as deficient, he doesn't see that as an indication the designation is relatively easy to achieve. He sees it as evidence that America's bridges are in fairly desperate shape.

While the percentage of national bridges listed as structurally or functionally deficient has fallen from nearly 35 percent in 1992, the number remains at more than 27 percent, according to the Nike Air Max Superfly

Deficient bridges not uncommon

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when he went to the state Legislature earlier this year to tell lawmakers that Minnesota's bridges were deteriorating at a rapid rate, that there wasn't nearly enough money to repair or replace them and that something needed to be done.

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"Maybe this is a wake up call to them," Chou said. "Hopefully, they're maybe somewhat more educated that this infrastructure does cost money and, if this is important to us, it should be supported."

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Forsberg hopes the one benefit of Wednesday's tragedy will be a new awareness that America's bridges from those carrying hundreds of thousands of vehicles along Interstate highways to those carrying a few tractors and pickups on township roads are in serious trouble.

"There's been a lot of work and studies done on our aging infrastructure," he said. "There may be more attention drawn to that."

Forsberg said 17 bridges in Blue Earth County are structurally deficient. That doesn't automatically mean they're in danger of collapsing, although a bridge in Rapidan Township Air Max 2017 Junior

"Illinois puts inspectors on critical bridges" Chicago Tribune

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"It doesn't mean the federal funding is available," he said. ". In many cases, you have to wait."

"Thousands of bridges rated deficient" USA Today

"Missouri to inspect bridges similar to collapsed bridge" Kansas City Star

Chou, a professor of civil engineering at Minnesota State University, said it's easy for elected officials and the general public to take roads and highways for granted until something like Wednesday's disaster occurs.

Contrast that with the stories being generated by media outlets around the United States Thursday:

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"Just the human cost of this, the lives lost and the suffering and fear of the people," Forsberg said, summarizing what was going through his mind. ". I also feel for the MnDOT people. They're very conscientious, dedicated people, and I'm sure this is taking over Nike Air Max 2016 Rcr their lives."

"About 4 percent of Texas bridges 'structurally deficient'" Austin American Statesman

"States scramble to inspect bridges for safety" Fox News

"Collapse draws attention to Iowa road funding" Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

has been closed, a bridge in Lake Crystal has been reduced to one lane to keep traffic off the weaker side, and other bridges are weight restricted.

But Forsberg said he was thinking about something other than vindication when he watched the news reports of Wednesday's rush hour collapse of the I 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

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