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As always, the geographic mix of primaries is overshadowed by the ideological aspects of the contest. On the center court, Mitt Romney stands to win the moderate Republican quarterfinal now that Trump, Daniels and Thune have dropped out. Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman are his only rivals.

Dick Morris is a commentator for Fox News.

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Nike Air Max 2016 Total Crimson

Nike Air Max 2016 Total Crimson

Nike Air Max 2016 Total Crimson

Now that enough insiders have dropped out, there may be running room for the charismatic former CEO of Godfathers' Pizza. But Bachmann's role as the leader of the tea party caucus in the House gives her a big advantage. From that perch, she can protest Boehner's deals with Obama and demand a militancy as Nike Air Max 2016 Total Crimson popular on the hustings as it is anathema in the House Speaker's Office.

Nike Air Max 2016 Total Crimson

Morris The GOP Race Who s left on the Right

Huntsman, hobbled by his service in the Obama administration, is unlikely to make much progress while Romney is running, but Pawlenty might be more viable. The former Minnesota governor enjoys important advantages in next door Iowa. If he can finish above Romney there, he could be a viable opponent down the track. To knock Pawlenty out of the race, Romney needs to beat him in Iowa.

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With the departures of John Thune, Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour, Donald Trump and, now, Mitch Daniels, we have constantly to revise our scenarios of the likely outcome.

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Then attention will turn, of course, to New Hampshire, where Romney has a big lead whose solidity is questionable. Having failed to win there in 2008 facing John McCain, can he prevail now that he has been out of office as Massachusetts governor for six years? Romney needs to win or he will be badly hurt. And, following a likely Bachmann win in Iowa, Gingrich must finish at least second to remain in contention.

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The most likely result is that Bachmann and Romney head into South Carolina with major momentum. There, next door to Georgia, Newt will make his last stand. Failing an upset, the Mitt and Michele show will take to the road.

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The most likely outcome in Iowa would be: Bachmann, Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Cain, Huntsman.

Working for Romney is a sense of legitimacy. The Republican Party is essentially monarchic, always looking for a duly anointed heir. With George W. Bush leaving office intestate, Romney's good run in 2008 and his loyalty to the GOP since create a sense that it is his turn.

(If Chris Christie enters the race, all bets are off. He could win Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and everyplace else. But this particular dragon seems too reluctant to run.)

offer the tea party ranks of Michele Bachmann a huge target in primary after primary. Has the Republican Party become enough like the Democratic dominated by an energized grassroots that an upset is possible? We'll see.

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Will enough conservative women flock to Michele to overcome Gingrich's advantage among the right wing faithful? A lot depends on whether she can contain the grassfire of enthusiasm spreading for the tea party favorite, Cain.

A battle of Romney vs. Bachmann would be less a struggle between the center and the right of the Republican Party than of its top against its bottom.

On arriving at the Democratic Convention of 1960, reporters asked Adlai Stevenson who would emerge as the nominee. "The last survivor," he answered. Perhaps the 2012 Republican nomination will be determined by the same criterion.

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on the bottom but in the Republican Party, the top usually prevails).

Only two factors should detemine the Republican nominee. Is he/she qualified to to take on the most difficult job in the world? Can he/she win in a national election where 90 % of the Black vote, 60 % of the Hispanic Vote and 100% of the rest of the liberal vote is guaranteed in Obama's camp. Republican primary voters will instead focus on who is most conservative and who is best at parroting convervative talking points in a manner that doesn't put the masses to sleep in less than 5 minutes. Romney or Pawlenty can win, are more than qualified and with a conservative congress can accomplish the conservative agenda. Bachman or Palin and their ilk cannot win, don't have enough life experience to be President (but maybe could in another 20 years they should run then) but one of them will probably be the nominee. The result 4 more years. Too bad we're too stupid to govern.

On the other hand, his Romneycare legislation in Massachusetts will Nike Air Max Volt Green

Meanwhile, in the conservative quarterfinal, Michele Bachmann is the odds on favorite now that Huckabee has gotten out of the way. An Iowa native, she seems ideally poised to win the first caucus. Her main rivals will be Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. Newt has to finish above Bachmann.

The party establishment, its donors, its business allies and its elected officials would rally to Romney, while the tea party and evangelical voters will back Bachmann. (In the Democratic Party, it's always wise to bet Nike Air Max Outlet

Nike Air Max 2016 Total Crimson

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