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Ford, who spent Tuesday morning meeting with residents at a public housing in North York, wasn't one of them.

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have through the committee process supported the following: the High Park Zoo, the ARC program, student nutrition, swimming program and extended library hours, Kelly said.

Highlighting some aspects of the budget, Kelly said it will include money to hire 56 paramedics, 38 fire prevention officers and two bylaw officers this year as well as extra money for the arts and for families and youth.

Wonder how liberal leftist MSM is gonna react when Rob Ford wins reelection in October. Obviously blame it on low IQ, uneducated, know what good Nike Air Max X Supreme

Let hope Rob Ford will dress appropriately and act accordingly! Let hope that he does no more theatrics. Let hope that he can act more mature, because we ALL know that when he has a temper tantrum all hell will break loose. But then again, more late night shows will bring him front and center should he once again become the idiot that they like!. And above all else, let make this about the of Toronto and NOT the antics of one man.

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Meanwhile, Mayor Rob Ford said he wants Nike Air Max 2017 Amazon a property tax hike of only 1.75 per cent and has said he won't support the budget. (He was the only vote against the Nike Air Max 2016 Running

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What exactly is left wing rethoric? Is it the half a billion dollars needed to fix a crumbling Gardiner expressway? Is it more money to hire firefighters and paramedics? Is it having money for a contingency fund to pay for disasters like the flooding last July or the damage caused by the ice storm? More likely it money spent on arts and youth programs. Here a newsflash for right wingers; money spend on at risk youth when they young is money saved when they don become criminals later in life. Too logical for you, I guess. You want to decrease youth gangs, this is how you do it.

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Sorry media, outside liberal socialist downtown area nobody cares about whatever deputy mayor Norm who? oh Kelly, nowadays you cannot become Mayor with downtown vote only, you don win Scarborough, you will never ever become Toronto Mayor.

budget at the executive committee level last week.)

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And we, Scarborough residents/voters, couldn care less of what media and/or liberal downtown thinks about us.

Ford plans to introduce several motions that he claims will save the city $50 million "with little or no impact on services." But he has remained mum on details.

Old Toronto seized to exist on Jan 1, 1998, Welcome to the NEW Toronto.

To build consensus on the budget, Kelly said he's personally met with half of the 44 councillors and that between him and his staff they've met with about 80 per cent.

the one side it'll be fiscally responsible. Last year's 2 per cent tax increase will be reduced this year to 1.73 per cent, Kelly said. respect to the subway levy, I supported it at council and will urge my colleagues to support it at the budget meeting tomorrow. Kelly said that the residential property tax hike would not be used to pay for ice storm costs as going to look at replenishing the storm weather reserve fund from surplus. staff had recommended a property tax increase of as much as 3.2 per cent following the Dec. 21 ice storm that cost the city at least $106 million in cleanup and restoration.

"It has been a long and frankly tiring exercise and I'm looking forward to bringing it to a successful conclusion tomorrow," he told reporters at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon.

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Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly says that he'll be recommending to council affordable balanced budget on Wednesday when council meets to vote on the 2014 capital and operating budgets.

for them Scarborough voters.

Deputy mayor supports

2014 2023 capital budget, Kelly highlighted the $535 million commitment over 10 years to repair and maintain the Gardiner Expressway.

He said he'll be supporting a 2.23 per cent residential property tax hike, which includes the 0.5 per cent levy that would help pay for the Scarborough subway extension in the $9.6 billion operating budget. He added that he was optimistic that he had enough supporters on council to get the budget passed.

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