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Finding the money for raises will be challenging, Commission Chairman Tim Lee said.

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Commissioners also discussed their goals for the coming year.

"We'll make decisions, come up with an action plan, so that everybody knows what's going on," Lee said. "I don't want anything lingering out there."

Meanwhile, the county is still having problems because of a lack of property tax revenue due to declining home values.

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"They are calling each other to buy mayonnaise for their kids," she said. "I cannot make them feel better about their benefits."

"When you give that information to our appraisers, it gives them a confused look," White said.

wouldn't make up enough money for $4 million in raises. And, in light of the 15.7 percent property tax increase the Cobb Board of Commissioners approved last year, which Ott voted against, it wouldn't look good.

She also plans to start a networking group for female elected officials in the county, starting it off with a luncheon.

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Lee said he plans to have a "mini retreat" in late March to go over the recommendations of the Citizen Oversight Committee, which are due at the Board of Commissioners Feb. 28 meeting. The committee has been developing a report to suggest how the county can save money and make other improvements.

KENNESAW County department heads showed frustration that Cobb County hasn't given merit pay raises in four years and suggested the county eliminate 169 vacant positions to free up $4 million for raises during the county's annual management retreat at the Ben Robertson Community Center on Thursday.

Wolk said her employees are struggling.

"I think the afternoon is an ideal time to get out seniors in," she said.

Northwest Cobb Commissioner Helen Goreham said she wants to work toward building a community garden in the Green Meadows Preserve passive park. She also wants to increase senior citizen use of the Cobb Safety Village.

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East Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott agreed, saying that eliminating the county's vacant positions Nike Air Max 2016 Size 14

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South Cobb Commissioner Woody Thompson said he would like the county's community development department to conduct a seminar focusing on minority owned businesses in the Six Flags area, as the county starts to identify potential development and redevelopment sites in the struggling section.

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"You don't raise taxes to give pay raises," he said. "I understand and appreciate the fact that employees haven't had a raise, but since the board raised taxes, I don't think it would be appropriate to give pay raises."

Probate Judge Kelli Wolk said the county's current pay is causing good people to leave.

"I think our job is to motivate people with more than money," she said. "Be glad you have a job. We have benefits that are better than a lot of the benefits Nike Air Max 2017 Women's you get with free enterprise."

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He also wants to see the county's parks facilities designated as "tobacco free."

Stephen White, deputy chief appraiser, said a wide disparity between home prices of traditional sales and distressed sales, which include homes foreclosed on by banks and government agencies, is leading to uncertainty in figuring out home values. He pointed to three homes in the Brookstone Commons subdivision in west Cobb, which sold within a week for $275,000, $224,000 and $90,500. He said the least expensive of the homes had the largest yard in the neighborhood and was the only one of the three with a swimming pool.

Department heads express frustration with no pay raises

Ott said he would like to see the county automate the application process for alcohol sales. He also wants to see short term timelines developed to launch online business license renewal and plan review processes.

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I can't beleive that the Chief Deputy of Cobb County made that Nike Air Max Id Red

Northeast Cobb Commissioner JoAnn Birrell said she wanted to expand the Keep it in Cobb initiative. Last year, the county passed changes to its purchasing ordinance that give advantages in bidding to companies with a presence in Cobb. In 2012, she wants to expand that to Cobb's cities and schools.

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"It's something we're looking at, but it will be very difficult to do," he said.

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