Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Lucy menu also includes some delicious desserts like homemade flan for $2.25, banana split for $4.25, rice pudding, deep fried ice cream and root beer or cola floats.

Dinner selections include Mexican dinner plates, seafood plates, homestyle dinners starting at $8.95 such as fried chicken, country fried steak, steak and shrimp to name a few.

The senior menu is for guests age 55 and older with items like pot roast and vegetables for $6.95, hot roast turkey or beef sandwich and more. I noticed a few specials not listed on the menu like a $3.99 breakfast (Monday through Friday only), which includes two pancakes, two eggs and two sausage or slices of bacon.

Lunch choices include burgers, 11 kinds of salads and 25 types of sandwiches. The lunch items include choice of fries, salad or coleslaw starting at $6.50.

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Lucy Diner menu features pretty much something for everyone. Lucy Diner staff was so pleasant, too.

triple deck sandwich that featured ovenroasted turkey, bacon, ham, lettuce, tomato and melted Swiss cheese Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men) on toasted wheat bread. There was also a small bowl of coleslaw in the middle. I started with the coleslaw, and worked my way to the sandwich. After two sections of the sandwiches I was full, but I did manage to finish off the coleslaw. The server brought a to go box for the leftover sandwich, which would not go to waste after work.

With so many choices to choose from it took a bit to decide what I was in the mood for, but finally decided on the clubhouse sandwich with a side of coleslaw for $8.50. While I waited, I noticed a steady stream of customers coming in, some to dine in, others picking up to go orders. Looked like Lucy is quite a popular place.

Lunch arrived quickly and was much bigger than I expected. The large plate was filled with four wedges of the Nike Air Max 2016 With Jeans

My pick for the week is Lucy Diner located at the corner of Citrus and San Air Max 2016 Grey And Yellow

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Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

A few of the breakfast choices include Belgium waffles, griddle combos, French toast, omelettes and egg platters starting at $4.95.

Diner in Fontana serves up the basics with charm

The five page menu is even more interesting with breakfast (served all day), burgers, salads, dinner plates, seafood plates, homestyle dinners, traditional house favorites and a senior menu.

is coming to an end and that I have racked up 270 reviews for my with Lainey column. How time flies when you are having fun.

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

Bernardino avenues in Fontana, near the Fontana Unified School District offices. Lucy Diner opened about four months ago, and is family owned and operated with a charming decor that was quite unexpected.

Lucy Diner dining area has an interesting old mining days theme complete with pick axes, wagon wheels, horseshoes, lanterns and various other old time items displayed on the walls including a small water fountain with a miner panning for gold. Don see many eateries with a mining theme, but it was done well.

Nike 'air Max 97-2017 Hyp' Sneaker (Men)

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