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In that unforgiving age, suicides were not allowed to be buried in hallowed ground. Instead, it was usual to inter them at crossroads. Rumour had it that Squire Tempest was buried by the crossroads at Ryhope Green.

to be a hoax by a local journalist.and a tragic tale of woe now sunk beneath the water

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an unhappy woman named Mrs Sharp. She had found out that her "husband", Mr Sharp as he called himself, was in fact a Mr Smith who was already married to a Mrs Smith, whom he had abandoned in Newcastle.

Did the staff or customers know anything of the ghosts of Ryhope Green? Sadly not. The memory of that ghost must have long gone.

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As the figure drew close to the war memorial, it put down the candle, Nike Air Max Style Tumblr

The good folk in the pub did, however, point Ghosthunter towards nearby

Take for instance the family with the magnificent name of Tempest.

The crowds that gathered never saw the ghost, for it preferred to appear when the green was quiet and lonely. By the 1930s, sightings had tailed off.

GHOSTHUNTER came to Ryhope on a day lit by bright sunshine, quite unlike the gloom which the ghost here seemed to prefer. The Albion pub looked welcoming, and indeed it served a fine ale.

Once the news was public, crowds began to gather on the green of an evening. Some thought Nike Air Max Classic 2016 that the ghostly entity might be a soldier killed in the Great War whose name had, for some reason, not been included on the memorial.

A ghost had been seen here only recently. Back in 1883, this was a remote spot crossed by lanes and paths.

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They had been replaced by reports of a phantom white lady clutching a ghostly baby to her chest. Unfortunately for Ghosthunter, this was later revealed Nike Air Max 2016 Kids

This bold and handsome man had, apparently, fallen in love with a servant girl. His family was unimpressed and, when he married the girl, had cut him off from all social contact, ensuring that other local gentry issued him with no invitations.

Digging up the ghostly past of a village green

Diligent research failed to find any such local man.

Thoroughly alarmed, the witness hurried home and said not a word until a week later, when somebody else saw the same strange digger on the green.

Silksworth and the lake by the leisure centre there (pictured above).

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promptly killed himself.

Then he threw aside the pick, let rip with a mournful scream and vanished from sight.

What did turn up, however, was the name of a Squire Tempest, who had lived in the 17th century.

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Along one path walked Nike Air Max White Price

then swung the pick as if to dig a hole in the green. By now thinking he might be witness to a crime or vandalism of some kind, the man shouted and ran forward. The mysterious stranger took no notice, but carried on digging.

As she walked home from work, Mrs Sharp was accosted by her errant "husband", who was angry that she had left him over what he thought a trifling matter.

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Based at Ryhope, they owned vast estates in the area during the 18th century. When the male line died out, the lands passed to the Vane family, who took the name Vane Tempest as acknowledgement of the source of their wealth.

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He was puzzled to see a man, shoulders stooped, walking across the green carrying a pick on his shoulders and lighting his way through the gathering gloom with aWhat was especially odd, the man thought, was that the candle did not so much as flicker, although there was a stiffish breeze.

Less than a year later the young woman died in childbirth. Squire Tempest had

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