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utilities were asking people to conserve, he had one night light on in the bedroom because he uses a walker, and a light on in the living room, and that's about it.

He called Newfoundland Power, but he was told that the number on the bill is what he had to pay.

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He thought it must be wrong, because he'd kept the thermostat steady, and tried to conserve power during the rolling blackouts. Just like nearly everyone else, he said he got hit with multiple blackouts in the past few weeks.

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Newfoundland Power spokeswoman Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens Michele Coughlan said the outages were a relatively small part of the past month, but the bitterly cold temperatures have a much bigger impact on power bills.

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On the other hand, Coughlan said, the wind and the cold temperatures really cause houses on electric heat to draw a lot more juice from the system.

"I was expecting it to be more, but not that much," she said. "We have two heat pumps in, right? And they say they're supposed to be efficient."

despite blackouts

for an hour at a time," she said. "It's not going to have a big impact on your overall monthly bill."

"I spoke (to them) twice, and the two of them have got the same excuse: It's cold out, and your Christmas lights are running up your light bill," O'Rourke said.

"Particularly with the rotating outages, you know, the power was off Nike Air Max White Pink Grey

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

His neighbour in Pouch Cove, Pauline Lavoie, said her power bill jumped from $295 last month to $544 this month.

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Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

He said when the Nike Air Max Hyperfuse Pink

too was faced with an alarming extra $260 from my last bill, I was shocked to open my NL Power bill to see an amount if $935 due!! My power was gone for 36 hours straight during the outage not counting the rotating outages and for 24 days out of the 30 I was here alone as opposed to 2 other ppl being here showering and using electricity the month before. I have.

She said she wants answers from Newfoundland Power, too.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

"When people are experiencing outages, obviously they're not using energy. Really, the impact on the December bills that we're seeing are resulting from that extremely cold temperatures," she said. "We really, basically, had winter in December this year. You know, we had several early December storms."

If you thought that all the power outages meant that you'll be a getting a bit of a break on your electricity bill this month, then you might be in for a nasty shock.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

That's what happened to Dan O'Rourke, who opened his bill to find that it had jumped by 56 per cent from the month before.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2016 Mens

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