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dialogue and we are convinced that we do not have to embrace a privatisation policy to rescue our economy and our country. There is an attempt to break new ground for privatisation by creating partnership between private and public sectors. There too, we have shown Air Max 2016 Classic

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I will echo the budget minister who speaks of a catastrophic situation. Figures are alarming, the more so as the previous government tried to conceal the reality of the situation. The financial crisis is enormous, and the gaping deficits in the 2014 budget require an additional 13 billion dinars (6 billion Euros). The situation is so catastrophic that paying the wages of public sector workers for the month of March is not assured. We are in the red. The balance sheet that the government is beginning to draft will enable us to have a clearer idea of the situation.

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Nike Air Max Grey Red

The only enterprises which will be privatised are export firms owned by the Ben Ali Trabelsi family which are up to their necks in debts and are a Nike Air Max Ultra Essential Red

A new constitution was voted by the Constituent assembly in January and a new government was appointed more than a month ago. How do you analyse the political situation?

HAITI : APPEAL ISSUED BY THE HAITIAN COORDINATING COMMITTEE FOR THE WITHDRAWAL OF UN TROOPS FROM HAITIThe economic situation in Tunisia recommends among others that hiring public sector workers be stopped, the subsidising of basic commodities by the compensation fund be ended and that the privatisation agenda continue.

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But thinking that this government could change the order of things is very difficult and would inevitably lead to the ruin of the economy because such choices require much reflection and require time, probably some five years' transitional period.

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There are signs showing that the government plans to continue privatising enterprises, the Tunisian Society of Electricity and Gas, and the national Society of Exploitation and Distribution of Water among others.

We have answered to the IMF that the UGTT will reject any economic policy which would turn its back on our country's social situation and on workers' interests. Continuing the economic policies whose calamitous consequences we are experiencing in our country today will drive us to still worse disaster. The options of the IMF are not those of the UGTT. And the UGTT clearly states that it strongly opposes any privatisation of enterprises in strategic sectors, just as it demands the continuation of hiring public sector workers. Pursuing an economic agenda whose consequence today is mounting public debts will make the burden of the debt still more unbearable. We see that the loans that have been taken are short term, high interest loans just to keep the economy going as usual, and they do not in any way contribute to giving a new impulse to any economic sector.

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Nike Air Max Grey Red

What is the positions of the UGTT?

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We see that since the revolution, the governments which have in turn come into power are conducting the same policy which entails ever higher debts. Is there a solution to the crisis which you are roughly describing in the Framework of a policy which only continues Ben Ali's economic policy?

We consider that a national congress on economy must be convened so strategic options can be defined. Neither the present government, nor those which came before, has the right to decide measures single handedly. All the governments take the easy options: running debts, freezing wages, increasing taxes, reducing the compensation of basic commodities. Those are the four pillars of all the economic agendas followed by all these governments. They are far from popular.

our opposition.

But the few points made by the Prime Minister are in conformity with the orientations recommended in the IMF's latest report, especially freezing the number of public sector workers and the compensation of basic commodities.

Thinking that Mehdi Joma's government could change the orientation of the economic policy is a pipe dream. This government can only work in the framework of the present orientation. It however can take bolder initiatives and have a stronger social orientation. Speaking of a new economic orientation would have been possible two years ago when the Constituent Assembly convened. But Mehdi Joma's government has some eight or nine months till the election date. It must adopt some initiatives concerning taxes, relations with the enterprises of the strategic sector, especially in the policy of employment and development because such initiatives can play this part and give an impulse to the economy as well as finding solutions to some social issues.

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This is the point on which we oppose Mehdi Joma. Freezing the employment of public sector workers will not be implemented. We are also opposed to ending the compensation of basic commodities. Today, the idea of modifying the rules of compensation is being floated so that it would benefit only Nike Air Max Grey Red those who particularly need it. This compensation, especially concerning fuel prices, does not benefit those whose financial resources are scant. The prices of public transports could be frozen. The compensation fund as an institution will not be touched. We are convinced that the country has enough resources to provide the necessary means to get out of the current crisis with far less risks and to stop resorting to debts or to wage freezes or to plan increasing the taxes paid by workers. We will shortly have social negotiations with the government. We have said that the programme put forth by Mehdi Joma is incapable of easing the country out of the crisis but that, on the contrary, it will make it still worse.

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heavy burden on the State. But privatising the other enterprises is out of the question especially those of the strategic sector. The UGTT will stand up against any political attempt to do so. Those issues must be solved in the framework of a national Nike Air Max White For Women

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