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Some of the security deposit related issues are (no applicable everywhere as I said, but you should become aware of these for your location):

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So, if the deadline was 21 days, and you received nothing in writing (if required) you could actually try to get paid double or triple your deposit due to failure to follow the law.

into one of the bedrooms, I said nothing other than I haven been upstairs. He Nike Air Max 2017 Black And Orange

Damages must be listed and amounts needed for repairs must be supplied as well in written letter within certain deadline.

Tenants aren known for taking great care of grass and landscaping it sort of expected that mowing might be the extent of the care.

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It sounds similar to Michigan Landlord/Tenant Law. Here, the landlord can be liable for 3 times the deposit. Without knowing the specifics of what the lease made you responsible for as far as the lawn was concerned, I would question the charge. When you moved in, did you receive and complete and Inventory Checklist that noted the condition of the property and any damaged, worn out items, dead grass, etc.? In Michigan you must also receive an Itemized List Of Damages with any deposit remaining within 30 Days.

5 days before moving out, he shows up at the house and told me that he had moved a new mattress Nike Air Max Ivo Mens

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Penalties of a multiple of Nike Air Max Hyperfuse Pink the deposit amount for failure to abide by the law!

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then asked if I could be at the house in the at 8.30 in the morning (3 days before end of lease) so i could let the delivery guys in to deliver more mattresses. I said no, but he asked my husband the night before and my husband did. As they have taken over 21 days without any correspondence or a reason for the delay. I will be sending a letter saying the same thing in the morning of course.

The law in many areas is very specific about security deposit handling and this varies from area to area, so you need to be aware of the law in your area.

Suggest you learn what the law is, and take it from there. In lots of places, the judge expects the landlord to be the knowledgable party and the judge will allow the landlord very little leeway.

Must be returned within a certain deadline.

Must be kept in an account separate from landlord funds.

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I was given a 60 day notice to move out of Nike Air Max 2017 Grey White

Do you think I have every right here asking for most of it back? I feel like I could just say give me back the whole amount, but I want to come across as being reasonable if it ends up at small claims. I feel like they are robbing me. What a cheek. Any advice would be great.

thank you all so much for taking the time to read and then reply with some encouraging advice.

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my rental home (be out by by Aug 31), as the owners were soming back from China and moving back in . I started moving my things over in to my new home 10 days before that date, 7 days before the lease was up the owner turned up out of the blue and asked to look around, I let him in and he asked for a spare key so he could organize measurements for new carpets etc.

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Told him the owner, but to be honest I not 100 % certain I did. The first day we met him we told him the agent was useless. (I sussed something then that, and had a feeling at that point he planned to take the whole deposit and didn want to be the bearer of bad news).

Like Steve said, check out your laws in CA and then move forward. We would use Small Claims Court here and that is an inexpensive and easy process.

deposit back

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