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Nike Air Max Id Ideas

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

the play's musical director, described the challenge of putting on a famous movie like this: "It makes it very difficult, you have to live up to those expectations, which is one of the reasons we really felt we needed to have rain."

Kelly Walsh's production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" opens after the Nike Air Max 2017 Sale

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

"It's really hard to put yourself in that place," is how Madison Rouse a senior who plays Edith Frank in the Gold performance, described it. "It's a set so I envision myself trapped in the set for two years."

"Every kid, of whatever age, should have a basic knowledge of and appreciation for this story," Stedillie said. Many of his students were familiar with her tale, but "because they are acting it out, they have greater empathy for the people who were there."

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She paused for a moment and then mused at what it would be like to find herself in a similar situation, hiding with her own parents. "As much as I love them, it would be hard to be with only the two of them for two years."

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

Ultimately it is a more uplifting message that Stedillie hopes to send. Despite the discrimination her family faced, despite two years in hiding, despite the concentration camps, Anne Frank's story is an optimistic one. It is a story about a child, a story about human goodness and perseverance. More than a half century after she died it resonates as loud as ever.

"Singing in the Rain" was a big film. Big in star power with actors like Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds; big in sound with songs like "Make 'Em Laugh", "Good Morning," and, of course, "Singing in the Rain;" and big in scenery: Gene Kelly hanging from a lamp post must rank as one of film's iconic moments.

The play's director, Mike Stedillie, will be happy to hear his students talk in such a fashion. In selecting Anne Frank, Stedillie hoped to teach more than just theater. Bigotry and violence persists, even if not quite at the scope and scale of the Holocaust. (The five million killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last 15 plus years is a grim and often forgotten reminder of the wide scale violence still present in the world today.) Few stories offer a more powerful lesson about the perils of hatred and bigotry than Anne Frank's, Stedillie said.

Into the void steps Kathy Selden (Christine Smith), an aspiring actress who is everything Lamont is not: unknown, sweet and talented. Of course, she is also the only woman to ever rebuff Lockwood's advances, which, naturally, means the protagonist is enthralled with her.

That this is not a production of, say, "Les Miserables," which Kelly Walsh staged several years ago, has not been lost on the cast.

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Is there a better lesson for students (and their audience) than that?

John Mabey plays an Otto Frank who belies the actor's age. Patiently counseling young Ann after she accidentally spills milk on Ms. Van Daans' prized fur coat he seems a much Nike Air Max Id Ideas older man. Alex Smart is a convincing Mr. Dussell, the dentist who joins the refugees four months into their hiding. He is exasperated by Ann's restless sleeping, disgusted by Peter's cat and yet somehow endearing. When Ann gives him a pair of ear plugs at Chanukah his gratitude feels real.

The play is set in the 1920s, just as Hollywood is making the transition from silent films to talking pictures. Don Lockwood (played by Matthew Stairs) and Lina Lamont (Morgan Ostendorf) are the two great stars of the era. "Lockwood and Lamont" is the tagline on the marquee, their off screen relationship the topic of fervent speculation in the tabloids.

Kelly Walsh's young actors have made an earnest attempt at telling this most earnest of stories. They are divided into two casts one Green, one Gold due to the small number of characters in the production and to maximize the number of performers who make it on stage. The casts alternate evenings: Gold performs on Thursday night, Green the next and so on throughout the weekend. I saw the Green cast rehearse Air Max 2016 All White

"These guys were real. Nobody made them up. We have to go onstage and do them justice," said junior Seth Buckingham, who plays Mr. Dussell in the Gold production, prior to rehearsal. "It's a whole new level."

end of World War II. The audience is introduced to Otto Frank, Anne's father, and one of the people who hid his family for two years during the war, Miep Gies.

Ostendorf is masterful in the role. She makes Lamont perfectly repulsive. The actress masters what her character cannot. In one scene, Lamont is shown practicing her annunciation with a speech coach.

"Caann't," the coach says in a near British accent.

And so when Casper College decided to bring the 1952 film classic to the stage, there was only one thing to do. Go big.

It's hard not to relate.

To see Anne Frank's story performed on stage is a visceral experience. You see eight people crammed into a secret apartment. You seem them tiptoe about for fear of being discovered. You see them fighting boredom, themselves and the world outside.

one afternoon this week.

The college pulled out all the stops for this production. The actors are elaborately clad in the finest "roaring '20s" garb. An 18 member orchestra provides the musical backdrop. It evens rains.

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'Diary of Anne Frank' and 'Singin' in the Rain' open in Casper this weekend

Stedillie summed up his feelings about the play by quoting the last line from Frank's diary: "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart."

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

Otto Frank is diminished. Gone is the man who was so often a source of strength and calm during hiding. He is leaving Amsterdam and instructs Gies to burn his former possessions. Gies tries to persuade him otherwise, but Otto Frank is having none of it. Everything is to be burned, he insists.

And, of course, there is Ann. She is exuberant and oblivious running, at one point, to leave the apartment to find a pencil only to be stopped by her father petulant and thoughtful.

"cAAnt," Lamont mimics in the most nasally, high pitched tone imaginable. She then applauds herself.

It is up to this pair to navigate the dangerous waters of audio movies. They struggle to manage. For starters they are not in love, as the tabloids suggest. Sound also reveals a disturbing truth about Lamont: she is a horrendous actress. Her good looks made her a star in silent film, but her inability to deliver a line makes her a walking disaster in the world of talking pictures.

Nike Air Max Id Ideas

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