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"I have an open day Tuesday, so I can move people into that day or into the civil cases the week after. They should not affect any others coming up," Schuster said. "We ran the courtroom well with no glaring problems."

In Cobb Superior Court, all cases scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning, were delayed. Wednesday, but because jurors were not called in Wednesday, there were no jury trials that day, said Kathy Watkins, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office.

"Bond revocation hearings also had to be continued, so those calendars will be a little heavier, but we're managing," she said.

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MARIETTA Cobb's courts lost a couple work days to last week's snow and ice storm, but judges say they will manage the resulting heavier calendars without any major problems.

On Tuesday evening 1 11 11 Bloom had been scheduled Nike Air Max 2016 For Kids

opportunity to have their cases heard on Friday, only the two trials previously scheduled for Friday were heard.

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Nike Air Max Infrared

to officiate at two weddings, but didn't make it.

"The emergency things, we took care of," she said. "The police arresting people and issuing warrants, that Nike Air Max Infrared went smoothly. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the next few Mondays will be especially busy, Bloom said.

Nike Air Max Infrared

Nike Air Max Infrared

"If the lawyer or client said they couldn't make it to court we said fine, OK, we'll just reschedule your case, so most have either continued the case or were able to resolve the case on a temporary basis. This week, I had civil domestic cases, so fortunately most were represented by attorneys only and were able to work out something in the interim," Flournoy said. "I'm real lucky personally because we had already scheduled a juvenile court judge for the week of Jan. 24 to help me out, so a lot of the cases from this week will be picked up that week. It's been a shift, but it's not the end of the world."

"There is no jury week until the end of the month because of the opening of the new courthouse this month, so it's fortuitous that it happened now rather than at the end of January," Schuster said.

"Because we all manage our calendars efficiently and diligently, I don't see that it's going to have a negative impact on cases," Flournoy said.

courthouse, I heard, but the other couple had to reschedule."

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Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster said it was better that the storm came when it did, since he is still transitioning to the new courthouse.

Chief Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy III said he is confident that all 10 Superior Court judges will find a way to work the delayed cases in their schedules quickly.

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Nike Air Max Infrared

"I couldn't get out of my subdivision," she said. "One couple came and got married at the Nike Air Max 2016 Turquoise

Cobb County Magistrate Court which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with two full time magistrates and about 12 part time magistrates also fared pretty well, said Judge Joan Bloom.

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Flournoy said he had 40 cases scheduled for last week, with 14 of those on Monday, and that although he offered attorneys the Nike Air Max Independence Day White

Despite lost days judges say courts are operating smoothly

Schuster said he heard a full calendar of non jury criminal cases on Thursday and Friday. He was scheduled to hear divorce cases on the days that were missed, and he said those could be moved more easily into other time slots.

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Nike Air Max Infrared

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