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maneuver everyone the company, his boss, Fox supporters and the public into a decision that would benefit Nike Air Max 2017 Multiple Colorways

This is a great lesson for people dealing in the external environment to remember. One bad decision can have a significant impact on your ability to operate your business as you wish. Ask Exxon. Ask BP. Ask the Wall Street moguls. You cannot operate effectively in a democratic society without the public's approval of your actions. It is also a reminder that sometimes you have to go against the grain in your own organization to save management from itself.

the time of the Fox Theatre controversy.

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If and when you are ever in the Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta, you might want to remember the late Jasper Dorsey. If it wasn't for him, there likely would not still be a Fox. I was reminded of that fact when I attended a sold out performance of "Les Miserables" last Saturday.

To make a long and excruciating story mercifully short, a deal was worked out over several years in which we purchased property in back of the Fox Theatre and transferred deeds with the Save the Fox group. We built a 45 story office building on the site. The Fox Theatre was saved. In 1984, Southern Bell turned into BellSouth. In 2006, ATT swallowed up BellSouth. Who would have ever thought that the theater would outlast Ma Bell?

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A lesser man than Jasper Dorsey would have accepted the inevitable and would have prepared to take the heat. But Jasper was not about to let this happen and against all odds set about to 2016 Nike Air Max Flyknit

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They had failed to tell me but, more importantly, they had not told Jasper Dorsey, in whose state the headquarters building would stand and who would have to deal with the controversy of tearing down the historic landmark.

The Fox would not be standing today without the herculean efforts of my mentor and one of Marietta's leading citizens, Jasper Dorsey, who was vice president of Southern Bell's operations in Georgia at Air Max 2016 Blackout

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Our dilemma was made worse by the fact that Mr. Dorsey's boss, Southern Bell president Ed Rast, had already signed the deal to buy the property and was not going back on his word, no matter what the public reaction. While he was sympathetic with our plight, he Nike Air Max Invigor Print said a deal is a deal.

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He firmly believed that if we allowed the Fox Theater to be torn down, it would give the public an excuse to blame us for anything we did in the future. Any actions we took would be an opportunity for our detractors to say "This is the group that tore down the Fox Theatre. You can't trust them to do the right thing."

Thus began several of the most difficult years of my career at the telephone company. When it became evident that Southern Bell indeed was going to buy the property, the backlash was swift and strong. It didn't matter that the owners of the building were going to tear the place down anyway. It didn't matter that the Fox had been closed for several years and was a dump. It didn't matter that only the brave would venture into that part of Atlanta after dark. What mattered was that Southern Bell was going to tear down a beloved city icon.

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all. He had good reasons to do so.

First, a little background: In 1974, I was called off the golf course to field a question from a local television reporter about rumors that Southern Bell was going to tear down the Fox Theatre and build a new headquarters office. (This, of course, was in the days before Blackberries or IPhones or whatever we call those gizmos today.)

I made one of the dumbest decisions of my career and one that no good public relations person should ever make. Without checking, I told the reporter the rumor was not true. Otherwise, I said, I would have been informed. Oops! It turns out that our real estate department had quietly approached the owners of the property on which the theater was located about building a new facility and moving our headquarters from Five Points to Midtown. What I came to realize later is that real estate people deal very quietly in these matters to keep the word from getting out and prices increasing.

Dick Yarbrough Without Jasper Dorsey there might not be The Fox Theatre

As I walked around the place last Saturday evening, I thought about those hard times in which even my friends quit speaking to me when they thought we might tear down the Fox. I think of all the people who today take credit for having saved the place. I looked for a plaque that acknowledges Jasper Dorsey's contributions. It's not there, but it should be. Without him, there would be no Fox Theatre today.

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