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Mr Abdul Quddues, who moved into the house with his wife and two children, told the T at the time: "We're glad to be here. I feel as though I've come home. I grew up just around the corner in West Grove Street. It's got happy memories and there's going to be lots more."

Abdul Wouded Kahleghi, 50, was among the first residents to move in, with his wife Assia, 30 and children Shabnam, 12 and twins Mina and Milaad, five.

'Death Row' is now so homely From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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Nike Air Max Ivo Trainers

They may have once been known by the grim nickname Air Max 2017 Blue

"These flats were ugly before they Nike Air Max Womens Price

to rent for six years, while living in a room at his parents' house.

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He said at the time: "This is a dream come true. The children's school is close, I've got a driveway and a garden at the front and back. I feel incredibly lucky to be here."

He said: "It has been really great living here and we have nice neighbours.

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were renovated, but they were clever in the way they have made space inside and we have no plans to move from here."

Families moved into their new homes last summer and have praised both the design of their homes and the work being done to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

His neighbour Mrs Zaka Khalil added: "The houses are very nice inside. There are seven of us in a three bedroomed house, so even though it is a bit small overall, the rooms are all really big.

Another tenant Tanveer Hussain and his family had been trying to get a house of their own Air Max Premium 2016

Ten of the properties will be sold, a further 12 will be privately rented and the remaining ten will be social housing and let out through Incommunities.

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The next phase of the Goitside regeneration scheme, to build 32 new houses where outdated blocks of flats once stood, began earlier this month.

of 'death row' but residents at the transformed Roundhill Place development in Goitside are convinced they have nothing but a bright future.

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Nike Air Max Ivo Trainers

A regeneration scheme saw 36 flats in a Nike Air Max Ivo Trainers run down part of Bradford halved in number but reconstructed as family homes as part of a wider plan for the area.

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Nike Air Max Ivo Trainers

Nike Air Max Ivo Trainers

Nike Air Max Ivo Trainers

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