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Police said they believe Turner drove to Santa Barbara with three other men Friday evening. The four parked along the 800 block of State Street.

Turner and his three companions walked about two blocks down State Street, where they met three other men and a 16 year old female, police said.

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Witnesses told police that Turner lifted his shirt, "causing Ruben to believe he had a gun or weapon in his waistband."

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struck Turner's torso. Turner was struck another four times in the hands and arms, once in the leg, "plus three or four apparent grazing wounds," police said.

Two Santa Barbara police officers shot a former Navy Seabee more than a dozen times late Friday evening in the downtown area where hundreds of people had gathered for the city's annual Old Spanish Days Fiesta, police said Wednesday.

"The officers were separating the combatants when they saw Turner holding a firearm in his right hand. Gun in hand, Turner headed toward the crowded sidewalk, police said.

Turner had returned from Kuwait, where he worked as a Seabee six months ago, according to court Nike Air Max Purple And White

The fight progressed from a sidewalk into the patio area of a local hamburger eatery, scattering tables and customers, police said.

The fight got the attention of Kushner and Claytor, who were on foot on the same block, police said.

Police said Ruben punched Turner in the face.

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A Santa Paula police officer and two armed Ventura County probation officers also walked up to the area of the fight, police said.

Turner fell to the ground, where he was pronounced dead. His gun was seized by a police officer.

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three men.

Police said that is when Kushner and Claytor drew their guns and shot Turner.

An autopsy showed eight bullets Red Air Max

One of three, Terrence Ruben, allegedly had been romantically involved with Turner's wife, police said.

Kushner and Claytor have been placed on administrative leave while the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office investigates the shooting.

Police arrested Turner's three companions, Mark Anthony Smith, Michael Joseph Williams and Randall Johnson in connection with the fight.

In all, six to eight people were throwing punches, kicking, wrestling and fighting on the ground, police said.

"There is no evidence that Turner fired his gun during the incident," police said.

Other than that, "there is no evidence of property damage or injury to anyone else," police said.

Details emerge in police shooting of former Seabee

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records and Navy sources.

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Police also sealed off the entire 600 block of State Street for nine hours as part of their investigation, which included determining who was Nike Air Max Junior Blue involved in the fight. Hundreds of people were contacted and released.

Police identified the officers as Kenneth Kushner and Mike Claytor. Kushner and Claytor have been with the Santa Barbara Police Department for six years, police said.

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"Hundreds of people in the area ducked for cover," police said.

The three men along with those in Turner's group told police they knew each other.

A bullet also hit the tire of a parked taxi, flattening it.

Turner carried a holstered handgun in a rear pants pocket, police said.

Police said a confrontation took place between Turner's group and the Nike Air Max Usa

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