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Students in this program should have a computer with Internet connectivity to view course work, send and receive curricular materials: Macintosh PowerPC (24 MB RAM) or better; PC Pentium (24 MB RAM) 100MHz or better; Modem (or direct) access through an Internet Service Provider or other organization) at 28.8 or better. In addition, students should have software of Office 97 for PC and 98 for Mac or equivalent for communicating with instructors.

Communicate with Dr. Phelps about your interest in enrollment but request application materials from.

1. Physical Science Dr. Phelps will delineate the content and the pre test.

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a project/thesis in the fourth semester, and two summer institutes with follow ups.

2. Earth Science Part 1: Focus on the study of the earth systems and abiotic environment. Geology will be emphasized and the knowledge applied in an investigation of the physical dynamics of creeks in a watershed, watersheds being fundamental systems that underlie and support virtually every ecosystem. Part 2: Focus on the study of Astronomy.

1. California Science Project Summer Institutes Teachers will be supported by state funds to participate in two residential weeks of integrated, K 12 science each year. Participants worked on teaching strategies for enhancing literacy, equity and assessment. In addition, they explored techniques of facilitating school wide change to include a standards based science curriculum. Presenters include a cadre of faculty and teachers from K 12 levels.

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Nike Air Max Men Fashion

requirements include 30 units of upper division/graduate level course works (15 units at the graduate level): 1) three or four science core courses; 2) two education courses; 3) a research methods course; 4) a graduate project or thesis; and 5) two summer institutes of the California Science Project (CSP) and follow ups.

Dear Fellow Teacher

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Nike Air Max Men Fashion

enhance an Nike Air Max Men Fashion understanding of watersheds for better stewardship. This will be integrated with the Earth Science course so that the two courses intertwine and give the student a detailed and integrated look at an important environmental system.

The Master's Program in Science Teaching for Middle/Secondary Teachers:

4. Critical Thinking Drs. Phelps and Lederer will delineate the Nike Air Max Jd

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who came to the CSU, Chico campus for workshops have indicated a need for more science enhancement and the desire to obtain an advanced degree. We responded by creating this distance program that offers accessibility and hands on learning by distributing web based courses during the semesters and weekend lab and field experiences once a month on campus during the semester. The goal of this program is to enhance science education by providing teachers with a comprehensive professional development program leading to an advanced degree.

CSP Summer Institutes Follow ups:

could finish the program in approximately two years taking two courses per semester, Nike Air Max 2016 Blue Orange

Computer Capabilities and Internet Connectivity:

Nike Air Max Men Fashion

2. Follow ups Participants will develop a unit of study for their own classroom. They will also meet on some weekends for reinforcing their learning.

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Note: We anticipate some modifications to the curricula and timing of offering the courses.

3. Life Science Focus on the study of biological patterns and ecological interactions of organisms in riparian and creek habitats to Womens Nike Air Max Leopard Print

Admission fee to the graduate program is $55; registration fee for 6 units (two courses), $721 per semester; books and materials, $100 per course (earth science may have an additional material fee $75); weekend travels to Chico, variable. Pending on state funding for CSP, the registration fees for 6 units of CSP (two summer institutes and fall follow ups) are $45 per unit.

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