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7. How important is accountability while you are in office and how do you plan on monitoring this?

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"It has to do with the type of leadership that is required for the 21st Century. The 20th Century had more people expecting their leaders make the decisions for them. We've recognized now that doesn't work very well for all of us and we find that a lot of things don't turn out the way we expect. My experience in education has showed me the importance of engaging people and recognizing that they matter. Air Max Blue 2016

"As a dance a holic, I'm really committed to continuing the incredible sense of community that occurs as more and more people are coming into Nike Air Max 2016 Mens Grey

use and to start demanding for recycling materials. We cant just keep going and thinking there's some place else we can ship this. I'm very passionate about this issue."

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"I would like to know more about what the cost of road tolls would be to implement and collect. Certainly people pay more attention to issues when it affects their pocket books. Example five cent bag charge. So people might start thinking differently if they start to recognize the cost of all of us using the roads. But I think the costs of all of it needs to be looked up before we blindly say we are going for it."

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I would bring council together before we would do any word together we can see that there are diverse interests. We need to do some group building activities before we get any work done. That's the kind of work I'm talking about."

8. What are your plans for the city's budget including property taxes?

"I believe that we need to honor all the work that has gone into developing the transit city plan but we also need to recognize what happens that are affected by the plans. For example what happened with the St. Clair situation has a lot of people feeling hurt and if they had an opportunity to be more involved, things may have turned out differently. We really need to look more at what people want before we make real decisions about what to do."

"I see crime as something that requires investment and not expense. By that I mean that expenses are when we say we will hire more police officers to reduce crime. I see an investment is looking at what are the root causes that people feel to engage in criminal behaviour. "


"I believe that it's really important for the 21st century to be looking at ways of being environmentally sustainable and bikes are definitely the way to go. Again it's about finding out what the needs and concerns are. We must create the vision of bike lanes that are needed for the city."

"Well I've been really looking at the issue at the number of councillors we have. Apparently it costs about 15 million dollars for having twenty two extra councillors. If on the other hand the increased number of councillors meant that we have more people involved, more people feeling they have direct access to someone, that 15million would then be well spent. We need to engage the youth, the newcomers, the seniors who feel they've been pushed aside. We will be effectively transparent in this way."

3. How do you feel about the idea of charging road tolls?

2. Bike lanes have become a topic in the last few weeks. Do you plan on implementing them on Jarvis, University and the other locations?

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9. What "big idea" do you have that will be part of your platform?

"I certainly feel that there's a lot of work that needs to be done in reviewing the way that expenditures are being made and in finding ways to eliminate unnecessary costs. I understand the importance of taxes to produce the revenues that are required for the services that we all desire and at the same time I understand Nike Air Max Motion Grey that we need to be sensitive to taxing in a way that people feel that they are able to thrive in their lives. I intend to look closely at the recommendations that were just released by the Toronto board of trade and complete my policies around those."

6. How do you plan on bringing "new life" to the city? (ex: people, business, events, parades etc.)

"My concern about the garbage is the only thing I've discussed so far is how to reduce the cost of shipping garbage somewhere else. I don't agree with that. I believe that we need to be more accountable to the amount of garbage we create. We need to look at who is contributing to the dumps and we need to have serious efforts to engage people and finding ways to reduce the amount they Nike Air Max 2016 Black Yellow

the city, bringing in their cultures, their styles of dance, their entertainment and that is an incredible economic opportunity for all of us. Arts isn't just about people who want to be amused. It's an incredible way for Toronto to bring more people, more jobs, more money into the city and celebrate the incredible multicultural and diverse community that's here."

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4. How do you feel about the crime level in Toronto? How do you plan on addressing it?

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5. How do you plan on cleaning up the city?

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