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The MoD still has an agreement with Microsoft to support windows NT4 in a small list of places until 2025 I understand as well. With enough money anything can Grey Air Max 2016

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I guess it depends on what you mean by "that kind of stuff". Overall, in the non governmental world, if you deviate too much from rational behaviour you go bankrupt.

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live forever (apart from humans yet).

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I had a government customer once. And they had another vendor I met which was "owned" by a woman. But the real operator of the business made no bones about the fact the the entire thing was setup in his wife name solely in order to enable contracting with said government agency.

Dept of Health and Human Services spends

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Yeah, I know a couple that is "owned" by the woman to get government contracts. Only businesses run by these demographics can bid for Nike Air Max Nm these contracts.

NT4 back in the day. Some of them are even public. The UK government has a government wide Windows XP custom support agreement for example.

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Welcome to the world of government contracting. There is lots of money to be made in this area if you know how to talk to, and the red tape to jump through. You get to use exciting technologies such as Window Vista (still XP up until not too Nike Air Max Sneakerboot

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Yea, in fact governments are a major customer of Microsoft Custom Support Agreements, not only for XP but also for 2000 and Nike Air Max Sneakerboot Patch

long ago) and RHEL 4 and 5.

The government has certain contract set asides to help various types of companies get contracts. It basically like affirmative action for contracting (vary broadly speaking). Basically if you have a female owned company you can sometimes get a leg up in the procurement process. The government also has these things for size of the business and I sure many other categories.

I sure that kind of stuff never happens in the non governmental world.

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