Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

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Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

My partner met him asked why he was selling and he finally talked. He had another property he wanted to buy and the deal was going away if he didn close fast. So it wasn a matter of "need," it was a matter of "want."

I was doing some reading last night about direct mailing lists. I came across some excellent posts. I was really interested in some of the posts by Jerry Puckett and Jon Klaus. They seem to like the idea Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow of targeting a direct mailing list to out of town owners who have a large equity stake in their properties

Direct mailing list for out

So why me? Seller Two had gotten other offers from wholesalers and investors, including one for $45K more than I offered. I mailed multiple times, was always respectful and never pushed. I guessing the higher offer didn have the credibility I had. He chose me because when the time came that he became highly motivated Air Max 2016 Flyknit

more motivated.

We closed the following Monday, just a week after we agreed on Nike Air Max 2017 Limited Edition

David, this is a very resonable question and one that I had. You may have gathered that I worked with Jerry Puckett, and he and I have collaborated to select my list criteria. We targeted out of area owners with large equity positions. While these owners are in a position to sell quickly, why would they? What is the source of their motivation?

price. He was happy. I was happy. Listing with an Agent could not have gotten him paid in a week. I could. He left money on the table, but he got what he wanted.

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

I bought the property and Seller One and I are both happy. He called me back in the Spring after my second mailing wanting to sell. However he wasn sufficiently motivated as we were $50K apart on price. A few months later he called me back (after the fourth mailing), and now he was Womens Air Max Black And Red

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

The truth is, most of them do not have motivation to sell quickly at a discount. That fine, because I not after most of them. My appetite is not for a large volume, but targeted areas and specific types of properties. So a deal every couple of months works for me. I tell you about the past two sellers in this campaign, their motivations, and why there are more out there just like them.

There are many others out there just like Seller One and Seller Two. And there are other motivations, too, these are just from my most recent wholesale buys.

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

Here is my question: Why would out of town owners be willing to sell for a discount if they already have a large equity stake in the property? Why can they just call a local realtor and have them put it on the market for fair value or close to fair value?

He called back in 10 days, on a Monday. He asked when I could close. I told him by the end of the following week if the title didn have issues. He was very concerned that we actually did close by then. Still wouldn say why. We agreed verbally to a deal. I was out of town, so I had my partner meet him and his wife at the property in a few hours.

Seller One and his brother owned a home for many years, but the the brother who lived there became disabled and moved into an assisted living facility. When the brother moved out, the home was in poor condition and filled completely with possessions. The yard was also full of stuff, including a dead car, many tires, assorted junk, and dead trees. While there was no mortgage, there was a fair amount of back taxes owed over $10K.

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Did I have a solution for them? Absolutely. I offered a fast cash closing, but more importantly, they wouldn have to do a single thing to fix the house or even deal with the junk. The taxes would be paid and they be free of the headache. I also talked to Seller One over a period of months and he got four mailings from me. I built credibility and trust. I was in first place, even if someone else offered more, because he knew I would do what I said after several months of engagement.

I was there with cash ready to close as fast as possible. For Seller Two it was all about WHEN.

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

This time I made my offer on the phone. He tried to get me to go higher, but I stood firm. Three times in the conversation he asked me how quick I could close. I told him two weeks if there were no title issues. I knew he was motivated, but when I asked him why he wanted to sell now, he wouldn say. He said he call back in 15 minutes.

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

By the time I engaged the Seller One, the home was barely live able. He had talked to real estate agents that told him he have to clean it up and fix it up to sell it. He wasn about to take that on and his brother was in no position to do that either.

Nike Air Max Orange And Yellow

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