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But senior assistant attorney general Ryan Schelhaas said the process isn't simple. He is working with the request for records from the governor's office.

Hill filed a records request with the state last July. She asked for a set of Education Department contracts as well as emails from Jim Rose, David Holbrook, Teri Wigert, Kari Jo Gray, Joe Simpson and Mary Kay Hill. The group is made up of people who have worked with or for the Wyoming Department of Education.

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Since the start of the process, the attorney general's office has produced about 166,763 pages. The most recent set of documents was delivered on April 4. There are still about 13,000 emails to be reviewed, Schelhaas said.

Hill also has yet to receive any of the emails from some of the people, she said. And some of the documents provided have been duplicates, Moats said.

Flint Waters, chief information officer for the Department of Enterprise Technology Services, said there are human resources implications.

"We have to abide by the public records act," he said. "It says that certain things shouldn't be disclosed for certain reasons and other things may be disclosed."

"You have to go through every email to see if they're responsive to what is asked," Schelhaas said. "You have to Nike Air Max 2016 White And Green

why information has been redacted, he said.

The first set is expected to be released in the next two to three weeks, followed by a second release two to three weeks later. Also, the office is set to provide a privilege log that documents Air Max 2016 Grey Volt

There is an additional concern.

Those have been broken into two sets for evaluation, he added.

"If the request is lengthy and broad, it's a time consuming process," Schelhaas said.

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The goal is to have everything finished this summer, he added.

The emails reviewed would not be released for one of two reasons: Either they are not relevant to the request or they contain confidential information.

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Administrators at the Wyoming Department of Education have not been granted access to state email accounts for employees who have recently retired or left the department, according to deputy superintendent John Masters.

"It's hard to know and assist with management of an office when you don't know what communication is ongoing or happened," he said. "We need to be responsive to requests, and it's hard when I don't know what requests (there) are."

"A long delay in providing public records can amount to a denial Nike Air Max 2016 Black Blue

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"We've done everything they've asked us to do," she said. "They should have these available."

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Hill has said that she needs the documents to adequately respond to charges being developed by legislators related to her performance as superintendent.

"(So we) just need the attorney general to look at it. It needs to be a sustained process (because) you don't want it to be unfair," he said.

Not all the emails have been released, he said.

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But Hill said the delays have even put the state behind the timeline it imposed on itself. The entire process was supposed to be done by the end of April.

Delays plague Cindy Hill's record request

go through every single email and determine if you need to redact it or withhold it."

"The point is, if you just look at pages, it doesn't give a true reflection," he said.

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She added that she is Nike Air Max Original Black particularly interested in accessing Holbrook's account. He served as director of federal programs and handled grants out of that office.

After an employee left the department previously, Masters said, email access would be arranged. Now the process is taking much longer and involves going through the attorney general's office.

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of access," Hill's attorney, Bruce Moats, said. "The time can pass when they are usable, when you have any use of them."

Access to some requested public documents continues to be a challenge for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill.

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