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But whether your car is jolted by a sudden "bump" or glides over a more relaxed "hump," or faces no impediments at all, will depend on how residents of the affected neighborhoods vote.

MARIETTA Let the speeders of Marietta beware: You are about to be hit with an array of "traffic calming" tools in residential neighborhoods aimed at slowing you down.

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Resident Robert Maynard said fears of noise are based on temporary, plastic speed bumps, not the more permanent asphalt humps.

"If you have to ride over speed bumps (to get to) your house by the closest arterial, you would get to vote," said city engineer Jim Wilgus.

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More than a dozen neighborhoods seeking to control speeders will have to wait at least another week to get answers Nike Air Max Maroon Women

The ordinance would give full votes to residents who need to use the street in question to get to their homes. It would give a half vote to those who can use another street to get home.

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Debate slows while city sifts through code Speed humps possible after council decides who can vote

tables will be installed.

Residents speak out

Revisions to a speed hump ordinance will be presented at the next council meeting March 6.

on who is eligible to vote for or against the ubiquitous "speed hump."

"To use fear as an impetus to put something so permanent or semi permanent in, that affects a large number of people, doesn't stick to the facts," she said. "When you have something this divisive in our neighborhood, Nike Air Max Retro it needs to be a higher threshold."

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"I have had a lot of people come to me and say they hate all this controversy we had," Walker said about which households get to vote, "but they're still very concerned about safety."

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Paul Walker of the Lee's Crossing Homeowners' Association said a speed related accident Feb. 16, in which Dane T. Kolbeck of Marietta, 42, was killed, set the tone for the discussion.

Bill Wilson, also of Lee's Crossing, Nike Air Max Womens Black And Grey

called Lee's Trace a "nice, quiet street."

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Walker said he supports speed humps and believes a margin of 51 percent in his neighborhood should be all that is required to get them installed.

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Lee's Crossing resident Lisa Schneiderman said Walker doesn't speak for the neighborhood as a whole.

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Those against the humps tend to favor a "supermajority" of 70 percent.

If 70 percent of households vote yes, then speed humps, bumps or Air Max 2016 Philippines

The ordinance would allow all households in a neighborhood managed by a homeowners' association to vote on whether to install the humps.

He also said 51 percent should be enough to approve traffic calming methods if all homeowners are allowed to vote. If only those on the affected streets are allowed to vote, then a "supermajority" of 70 percent should be required, Maynard said.

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"There's a good consensus in our neighborhood that we want everybody to vote," he said. Walker said those in favor of speed humps would prefer that a simple majority vote be all that is required.

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