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The trial was the latest Florida case to raise questions about self defense and race; Dunn is white and the teens were black. It came six months after George Zimmerman was acquitted of any crime for fatally shooting 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., about 125 miles south of Jacksonville. The Dunn trial was prosecuted by the same State Attorney's Office that handled the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic, while Martin was black.

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"I believe there is a lot vested in this case, politically," Strolla said. "The case, on the heels of not guilty in George Zimmerman, just escalated that political pressure."

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. The defense attorney for a Florida man accused of fatally shooting of a teen after an argument over loud music said Thursday that his client is in good spirits as he waits for jurors to come back with a verdict in his trial.

Older guy (fed up with punk attitudes from kids in today's society) grabs weapon. It gives him when he confronts teen.

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A short time later, jurors asked for an easel and paper, and an hour after that they asked when Dunn had written a jailhouse letter in which he recounted his version of events. The answer was July 2013.

Older guy is jumpy around teen because he often reads accounts of black violence in society in the newspaper and on the internet and believes his fear is warranted.

Complete supposition, but not hard to imagine this scenario:

Middle age guy pulls up to gas station and hears terrorism (Loud thumping Hip Hop from Hell.) The and accompanying neighborhood conjure up scary thoughts about being a victim of inner city crime in mind of older guy.

Teen dead, and older guy screwed for life as well.

A spokeswoman for the State Attorney's Office said in an email that her office got the Dunn case in December 2012. Zimmerman's trial took place Nike Air Max 2016 For Men

Defendant awaits verdict in death of Marietta teenager

Jurors returned Thursday for their second day of deliberations after working for three hours the previous day.

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Nike Air Max Royal

"The prosecution of Michael Dunn began long before the Zimmerman trial," said spokeswoman Jackelyn Barnard.

Teen plays music louder after older guy says that s. down Teen eggs him on, just because.

Older guy pulls weapon out of a combination of fear and anger when teen reaches for and shoots teen.

Older guy hates Hip Hop because he is scared about what it represents.

Michael Dunn's attorney, Cory Strolla, said that waiting for a verdict is the hard part of the trial.

Teen himself by coping an attitude when confronted and reaches for This scares older guy.

On Thursday, the 12 jurors asked to see a mannequin and sticks that had been used by prosecutors in the courtroom to reconstruct the angle of the shots that hit the victim. Circuit Judge Russell Healey denied the request, saying the props were only used for demonstrative purposes and weren't entered into evidence.

The Dunn trial wouldn't have as much attention if not for the Zimmerman acquittal last summer, Strolla said.

well founded fear.

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Older guy carries a weapon exclusively because of this, perhaps, Air Max 2016 On Foot

Solution: Teen should have been taught that it is rude to play that loudly in public. Older guy (although justifiably annoyed) should Nike Air Max St Women's

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Dunn claims he shot 17 year old Jordan Davis, of Marietta, Ga., in self defense outside a Jacksonville convenience store in 2012. But prosecutors told jurors Dunn shot the teen because he felt disrespected by Davis. Davis had the music in his SUV turned back up after a friend complied with Dunn's request to turn the volume down.

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never have resorted to pulling a weapon out of fear and anger. He should have shook his head back and forth and walked away.

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