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Perspective of Restaurant OperatorsA statement issued Tuesday by the American Restaurant Association says, "Restaurant operators, like most Americans, want to be free to make their own choices choices that are best for them, their employees, and their customers."

"The debate is over. Surgeon General Womens Nike Air Max Pink And Black

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The statement goes on to say, "Customers also have a choice in what establishments they patronize based on their own personal needs, tastes, and preferences."

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Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

Among the report's findings are that secondhand smoke raises the risk of lung cancerlung cancer by 20% to 30% in nonsmokers. The report also blames "tens of thousands" of heart diseaseheart disease cases each year on secondhand smoke.

June 27, 2006 The federal government branded secondhand smoke a public health hazard Monday, urging states and individuals to do more to minimize nonsmoker's exposure to cigarette smoke.

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

'Debate Over' on Secondhand Smoke

"It can't be left up to voluntary action," he tells WebMD.

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Richard Carmona, MD, told reporters Tuesday. "There is no risk free level of secondhand exposure," he said.

The report also notes that that indoor smoking sections and even ventilation have been shown to be ineffective in keeping nonsmokers from exposure.

Many major cities, including New York City and Washington, have banned smoking in bars and restaurants. In Washington, the move was billed as a way to lower secondhand smoke exposure for patrons, and especially for workers.

Carmona urged states to push forward with rules guaranteeing smoke free environments. "Anything less cannot ensure that nonsmokers are protected," he says. But when asked what role the federal government should take in minimizing exposure to a known carcinogen, Carmona said those decisions are up to Congress.

State and Local BansFourteen states and hundreds of local governments have banned smoking in public places including restaurants and bars as a way to minimize secondhand smoke exposure.

banned in nearly all federal buildings, with one notable exception. Members of the House of Representatives still are allowed to smoke in the Speaker's lobby just off the House floor. Secondhand smoke remains a fact of life for nonsmoking lawmakers and reporters who frequent the room.

Owners and their trade groups have actively opposed the ordinances, citing worries that new laws would chase smoking clientele from bars and restaurants.

relatively brief exposures.

Carmona's office released an exhaustive report on secondhand smoke detailing hundreds of scientific studies showing that cigarettes are toxic to bystanders as well as to smokers.

Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, says the report leaves "no doubt" that states and local governments should act immediately to ban smoking Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots in public areas.

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

The damaging effects of secondhand smoke have been known for years, and were detailed in a similar surgeon general's report in 1986. But newer findings now implicate ambient smoke in homes and public places in increasing the risk of asthmaasthma attacks, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and blood vessel damage sometimes even after Air Max Sneakers 2014

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

Nike Air Max Sneakers Boots

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