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and physical abilities, Keeler told me. Their only rule, besides safe and legal bicycling, is stated on their website: "NO NEGATIVITY WHAT SO EVER."

Nike Air Max St International

Regular riders' abilities are changing quickly. Clark, for example, stuck with the group after her first six mile victory. "Since becoming a DBB member I can proudly say I have been able to ride up to 30 miles in one trip," she wrote. "Cycling isn't just a hobby anymore; it's a way of life."

major cultural shifts in Detroit."

And then, six miles from their starting point, they arrived at the brunch restaurant. "I got off my bike and before long the other riders began to congratulate me with hugs cheering, 'You made it!' That was the moment I knew my life would forever be changed."

It's a simple and fun concept with a powerful mission. Thorpe and Bey have lived without owning cars since 2008, and the discovery of bicycling opened their eyes to the city in a new way. They started Detroit Bike Brunch in 2012 as a way to meet likeminded people who loved Detroit and wanted to see it fulfill its potential. The idea was never to bike for the sake of bicycling; rather they see bicycling as a method to improve their city's health and not just its physical health. Their manifesto reads:

artist. Every Sunday, between ten and twenty riders set off from central Detroit on a bike tour of part of the city, followed by brunch.

"At about mile two, I thought for sure I would die," Clark wrote. She fell to the back of the group and kept dropping farther and farther behind. She wondered if she'd made a mistake and thought about turning back. But then she heard the soothing voice of K'loni Thorpe, the group's co founder, in her ear, saying "Take your time." As Clark forged on, the group stuck with her, and there was always another rider at her side with encouraging words.

Nike Air Max St International

Nike Air Max St International

Nike Air Max St International

"Through biking we're creating healthier Detroiters. Through our Sunday trips we support local businesses and help to stimulate Detroit's economy. By traveling more with bikes, and less with exhaust emitting vehicles, we are fostering a greener environment. And by doing all this together, we are strengthening our community."

Nike Air Max St International

Nike Air Max St International

Nike Air Max St International

Nike Air Max St International

Nike Air Max St International

And she isn't the only one. Keeler told me through email, "In a very short period of time I've seen this group transform inexperienced riders into avid cyclists. I've seen diehard carnivores change their dietary habits. I've seen the group elevate restaurant perceptions for skeptical vegans and vegetarians by highlighting healthy food options. I've seen grown women cry tears of joy after overcoming their self doubt by trekking through a difficult Sunday ride. I like to think that these small changes, when compiled together, can create Nike Air Max 2016 Mens Running Shoe

The group is growing and changing. In the first year, most of the riders were African Americans in their twenties; this year it's been diversifying in age and ethnicity. They welcome anyone who wants to join, regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, dietary needs, health levels, Nike Air Max 2016 Oreo

I asked Keeler if she could measure the group's economic impact. There's the brunches themselves where the group can fill half of a restaurant and drop more than $225 before tip, a good morning boost in Detroit's sleepy service sector. Even more valuably, they spread the word about the restaurants they visit through their robust social media presence, in ways that are beyond the ability of some of the businesses themselves. Two restaurants in particular have developed a regular following among Bike Brunch members who discovered them on rides and brought their friends and family back later.

Detroit Bike Brunch was started earlier that year by Thorpe, an engagement specialist at a health care company, and Zoonine Bey, an Nike Air Max 2016 Black Review

Nike Air Max St International

Kimike Clark bought her bicycle half an hour before her first bike ride on a Sunday morning in August, 2012. "I had no idea what was in store," she wrote later in a touching testimonial. "All I knew was it seemed like fun." After listening to the pre ride reminders about safe bicycling and road etiquette basics, the riders took off, all seventeen adults and two babies.

Detroit Bike Brunch

And so they do. The group's marketing director, Brandi Keeler, whose day job is at an ad agency, writes of totaling her car last year and panicking until she realized, as she Nike Air Max St International puts it, "Woman, you have a bike!" Living without a car was a revelation. "I see more. I meet more people. I've never been in better shape or felt more liberated in my life." With the money she saved, she could buy all the organic food she wanted she was thrilled with the trade off.

Nike Air Max St International

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