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Dedicated Hosting So Much Cheaper Than US

I wonder what the real world failure/corruption rates are on ECC vs. non ECC RAM. Does anyone know of any studies? I'd like to know if the differences are practical or theoretical.

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well its what a common household would pay for that kind of electricity. i think starting from 5k kwh per year the local power company will start offering "power user" quotes (even for normal households). hetzner is one of the biggest server providers in germany so i imagine that they have huge datacenters and thus huge power consumption. its not entirely impossible that they can get below 0,1 /kwh if they guarantee to take several 100k kwh. additionaly they can cut deals to bring the price even lower if they take the same amount around the clock (electricity is a lot cheaper at night).

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well, considering that a server should last three to five years, /if/ power cost is low, they could still be turning a profit. it's just that even with free power, they are making less profit than I (or any other American dedicated server provider) would expect.

I currently have a 2 X quad core Nehalem with 12GB RAM, 5TB B/W and 4X500GB HDD in Raid 1+0 for $399

support ECC), which is much cheaper and also a very bad idea for anything you care about. Data corruption isn't fun, especially when it's subtle and has existed long enough for even your 90 day old backups to have it.

Also they're using non ECC RAM (the processors they use Nike Air Max Yellow Lobster

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if you use AMD systems. were I to go head to head with hetzner, I'd be getting killed on power costs. Does Germany have cheaper power than I have? (and is that right? 8GiB ram with mirrored disk for $65/month? because that is /really cheap/ even with free power they have less margin than I do) Hm. It's possible that the core i7 stuff is way cheaper than I thought it was. but last time I looked, the core i7 stuff burnt a lot of power. Yup, the i7 920 is approx $230, and has a 130w tdp. Yeah. just the power for that goddamn thing would eat something like thirty bucks a month if it were in my co lo. $830 capital expense for the server. uh, they charge you around a $200 setup fee. so uh, at $65/month, if power is free, it'd take them more than nine and a half months to pay off their server. this on a server that only lasts three years. you can get a really nice 48 port gigabit switch for two grand, and you can get something that is used but serviceable for 1/4 that. Ooh, they use 100M network, which is cheaper. even good 100M switches these days are essentially free. San Jose (my location) has poor prices for power, but rather good prices for bandwidth.

the price differential between server and desktop systems isn't that great, especially Air Max 2016 Print

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Germany have cheaper power than I have?i highly doubt that. they proud themselves that they only use power from hydro [1] . so lets see. if i were to buy this kind of electricity for my home i would pay 0,2049 /kwh without taxes. that's the design maximum. Like sears horsepower, if the cpu itself hits that number, smoke is coming out of the thing. but the rest of the server uses power, too the chipset, the ram, the network, the disk, etc. so the TDP often is fairly close to what the whole server draws.)that puts us at 94KwH for the server. Multiply that by three to account for cooling, (in most data centers, you are looking at two watts plus in cooling for every one watt used by the servers. This depends on how efficient the data center cooling system is.) and multiply that by your power number and that'd be around 58 euros a month. 19 euros if the place used zero power for cooling (but that's just unrealistic for something you can't turn off on hot days)I would say there is something fishy here, but I've seen hetzner talked about here for a while, and people seem satisfied. so maybe I'm just missing something?

thanks for the detailed response lsc, very helpful. I've used their service since and payed plenty for it, Nike Air Max Ultra Moire Red so maybe the 3 year horizon is fine by them.

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That looks better, but it's still $150/month for a quad core with only 1GB of memory. In fact even their $270/month offering only has 1GB of ram. The specs vs. price is not close between the German and US offering.

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