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the cars are built, as long as they're built properly its just up to the driver making it last to the end, he said. 40 laps, you've got lots of time to get to the front. a Medway teacher and someone that's long been involved at Delaware, Duane Manning saw a change in his students when notified of the challenge. Unlike other projects that leave the shop, students get to see the work they've done first hand.

Nike Air Max White And Black

Nike Air Max White And Black

No matter what Mother Nature tends to provide, there's no shortage of exciting moments to take in thus far.

In the last few months Delaware Speedway has been putting local high school students on the fast track to success.

Though cold conditions have made it tough on race fans early on in 2013, Houghton is expecting warmer weather to bring more people to the track in the coming weeks. Air Max Ladies 2016

Nike Air Max White And Black

had some terrible weather to start the season off here for our first events, Houghton admitted.

Nike Air Max White And Black

After years of planning, the speedway celebrating its 60th anniversary was able to announce the High School Challenge, an initiative that supplies six local schools with cars and roll cages for students to make race ready. After this past weekend's cancellation due to weather, the student built Stock Chaos cars will make their way to the track June 22, and will again on October 19 while being navigated by drivers registered with the raceway.

Nike Air Max White And Black

the students get off school and the weather is better we usually do better in terms of fan attendance. In terms of the competition on the track, it's been spectacular all season long so far in every division. The fans that have been able to make it out even though it's freezing cold out have been treated to some fantastic racing. Dates

Nike Air Max White And Black

Nike Air Max White And Black

think that's the most rewarding part for us not only are we able to bring in new people but it also becomes new for us again. at Medway, the challenge hasn't just been a school affair but a family one as well. Graduate Kris Lawrence was at the wheel of the Cowboys car, one constructed in part by his brother Joe. Both are no strangers to the track having raced for a number of years.

explained John Houghton of Delaware Speedway. we felt we had an opportunity to reach out to some of the high schools with some of our resources. Beal prior to 2013, but were delighted to have the former along with Regina Mundi, Westminster, Wheable, Thames and Park Hill all on board for this season. And working with racing's next generation has done plenty to invigorate the folks at Delaware, Houghton said.

Nike Air Max White And Black

of the great things about stock car racing is that it's real hands on and it's not a video game it's real life. I think that whenever you can create a real experience like that somebody can get involved in, Nike Air Max White And Black nothing but good can come of it. begins to heat up

something that's built up over a number of years. When our new ownership group came in one of their priorities was to get new people involved in racing, Nike Air Max Women White And Pink

it's tough because we fix cars and the customer or teacher drives away and that's it, Manning explained. was a pretty good project for sure, we did put it together quickly but we had some good kids working on it too. They've seen it from start to finish. executives are hoping that reaching out to students will result in more young drivers and mechanics making their presence felt at Delaware beyond graduation.

Nike Air Max White And Black

a great time, it's really just all about the fun building (cars) as a team and not just by yourself, Joe explained. been driving for about eight years now, it's a lot of fun. We're hoping to get (the cars) out in a couple different races. cars will be part of the speedway's overall points championship and judged in a special ranking system between high school entries that will determine a winner. Lawrence noted that if the cars are put together the right way, everything else is up to the wheel man.

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would love them to come away from this and understand that motor sports is an engaging and fun hobby to get involved in. I think that, especially (with) students today, a lot of the hobbies are related to things like video games and computers, Houghton explained.

out here every day, every weekend and I don't want to say the novelty wears off because it never truly wears off, but it's almost like you get to look at it like it's new again when you see someone else seeing it, or getting involved for the first time, he explained.

Nike Air Max White And Black

Delaware issues High School Challenge

Nike Air Max White And Black

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