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Wow, that's great to hear. I honestly had no idea if this was going to be helpful. it kind of felt like a raw, disorganized Mens Nike Air Max 2016 Blue

You're too hard on yourself. This has to be one of the most informative HN articles I've ever read. You gave very specific advice rather than waving your hands around. You provided sources where others can learn what you've learned. This is a template for a "how to" post.

brain dump when I was writing it.

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links broken, and it seems a little harder to navigate and browse for fun, but you must flip through the digital pages. I found the information detailed enough to point me in the right direction without going over my head. Good stuff!

Do you code? Apply that mindset to your design. Do you just hammer something out or do you try to improve it? Do you look for inspiration from other projects on github? Do you look for inspiration in orthogonal things like architecture or nature or industrial design or _____. Apply that to your design. Apply the same standards from something you're passionate about to your budding design work, it'll show. You can convince yourself this is "correct," but sometimes you're just going through the motions. I've made a ton of absolute crap but sometimes i make something and i'm like "oh wow, that's an actually appropriate use for a grid, man what a total cock up that other project was."It's very easy to make and parrot the current zeitgeist (just look at forrst), but it's hard to go out on a limb Nike Air Max White Outfit and try to make something that comes from you. all in great quantity. I'm tired of friendly blue all the time, i want to see new designs, i want to see people going on a limb. I guess what i'm saying is: this is design for conversion sake, not for design's sake, and those are two totally different pots of gold.

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Design for Startups

I regularly use Skitch for taking screenshots. It is free and also uploads to its website.

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Mark Boulton's posts really are some of the best typography eye openers. Especially his "Five Steps" posts[1][2] were what got me into design and made me "get" it. And it didn't take a lot of time to read through them. I'm actually very surprised (and disappointed!) that Paul didn't mention it. It's recently undergone a redesign, which has rendered all its former Air Max Jordans 2016

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Paul, I really like your writing style. Your old designs weren't quite as awful as you make out either. Almost, but not quite. New webapp idea?

I've used Delicious for this for years. I used to just tag stuff as "design" but over the years my taste has changed and so now the good stuff is more like:alagu 1237 days ago link

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If I can take an opposite view, I think this article on design is far from useful. It is stuffed with unproven generalizations (like, why the hell should plain edges be "boring"? why should we "adjust opacity"?). Better read Jacob Nielsen on this.

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Nike Air Max White Outfit

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