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an AKP "bastion" ten thousand demonstrators protested against the Erdogan government's "responsibility". When Erdogan came to Soma the day after the tragedy an angry crowd came out to yell "Erdogan, get out!", attempting to seize hold of his armoured car. The crowd refused to let him speak to the miners' families and he was forced to take refuge in a neighbouring supermarket. A curfew was immediately put in place throughout the county. Demonstrations took place in all the major towns of Turkey; Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, etc., all put down by the police.

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demonstrations and political crisis after the worst mining disaster in the history of the country

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the conditions of over exploitation and insecurity that prevail in Soma. On the one hand, Nike Air Max White With Black Tick the press has asserted that many of these privatised mines have passed under the control of companies that are well known for being close to the government, even close to the Minister of Energy. In Soma, Melike Dogur, who is the wife of the general manager of the company's mining operations, is one of AKP's local leaders.

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Upon the announcing of the disaster, the trade unions immediately launched a call for a 24 hour general strike that was largely followed throughout the country, called by the unions of teachers, automobile, energy and petro chemical workers.

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In this mine, which had been privatised and is managed by the company Soma Kmr Isletmeleri, the miners work over 11 hours straight every day, whilst the legal working day is supposed to be limited to seven and a half hours.

Meanwhile, the media has leaked that the mining profits have been invested in real estate speculation in Istanbul!

The political crisis that is shaking the moderate Islamist regime has just been notched up. This crisis, which broke out in the huge demonstrations of June 2013, has once again placed the contesting of the government and the crisis in the leading AKP party front and centre.

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The explosion in a privately held mine in the town of Soma (in the county of Manisa) on Tuesday, May 13th, claiming the lives of at exploitation. The report of a preliminary technical investigation concerning the accident, published by the major newspaper Milliyet, underscored serious lacks in security, including a lack of carbon monoxide detectors.

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On the other hand, at the end of April the main opposition party in the parliament, the Republican People's Party (the CHP, aligned with Mustafa Kemal "Ataturk", the father of the secular Republic), had requested the forming of a parliamentary investigation into the conditions of labour and security in this mine a proposition that was refused by the AKP majority in the parliament.

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The most deadly mining disaster in the history of Turkey, with an officially recognized number of 301 dead, occurred on Tuesday 13 May in the small mining town of Soma (about 40 miles from the major cite Izmir).

In parallel with the general strike, tens of thousands of workers and young people came out into the streets of the big towns, for the first time since the major mobilisations of June 2013. In the Soma district itself although Womens Nike Air Max Premium

The miners union, affiliated with Trk Is (Turkey's main trade union confederation, whose leaders are in their majority linked to the AKP), was at first opposed to the strike, but was then forced to call for it as well. Nevertheless, the leadership of Trk Is settled for a merely symbolic protest, calling for a three minute downing of tools every day for a week!

And behind all this manoeuvring, one single demand rises throughout the country: "Punishment for those who are guilty, including in the summits of the government!"

Thanks to these violations of the labour legislation in effect in Turkey, the heads of this company have recently been able to boast Nike Air Max Shoes Red

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All of this has led the government to seek out the underlings who run the mines. It has just arrested nineteen mine managers, charging five of them.

Erdogan's "responsibility" is being pointed at, not only by the Kemalist CHP party and the legal Kurd party BDP, but also by its former ally, the Islamist Gulen sect (whose leader resides in the United States), as well as by the New York Times, who has also underlined Erdogan's "responsibility".

that they had reduced the cost of mining coal from $130 dollars per ton to $23.80!

If the accident immediately turned political, it is also on account of the direct responsibility of the Erdogan government and its AKP party, in Nike Air Max Shanghai Pink

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